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Destination Z: The History of the Future


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Destination Z: The History of the Future

Robert Baldock

ISBN: 978-0-471-98462-7 February 1999 296 Pages


Destination Z The History of the Future "Success in business today demands a deeper and more flexible mindset to try and understand the changes taking place in global and local economies, often as a result of technology. Rob Baldock's meteoric career as a consultant to many different companies has placed him in a unique position. His book gives valuable insights into the causes and effects of change and stimulates the reader to construct better plans to prosper in an uncertain but exciting world." Keith Oates, formerly Deputy Chairman of Marks & Spencer "Baldock paints a deliberately uncomfortable picture of what could happen under each of the scenarios. These visions do set the synapses sparking, and he succeeds in making each environment seem very plausible. But where he really scores through his musings about the future is bringing the present into sharper relief. So what's the best way to plan for these future scenarios? Destination Z is a book designed to make you think, not give you answers." Information Week, January 1999 "The world of business is being transformed before our eyes as giants fall and new ventures skyrocket, driven by explosive technological change, an integrated volatile global economy and new ways of competing. Rob Baldock provides an illuminating and insightful guide to this confusing landscape of the future of business." Peter Schwartz, Chairman, Global Business Network "Rob Baldock paints a daunting picture for business in the future . but don't despair, he does provide a robust recipe for making the most of the challenges that lie ahead . recomended reading!" George Trumbull, Chief Executive Officer, AMP Ltd
The Walls Come Tumbling Down.

Some Reasons for the Fall.

Perdicting the Unpredictable.

Sun Chasing.

Keiretsu Rising.

Acme & Co.



Insights for All Industries.


"His exposition is clear and concise, his writing elucidated with examples and laced with humour. This book is more than selling ideas: it is selling you a vision of the future." (Changi International, Singapore)