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Detonate: Why - And How - Corporations Must Blow Up Best Practices (and bring a beginner's mind) To Survive

Detonate: Why - And How - Corporations Must Blow Up Best Practices (and bring a beginner's mind) To Survive

Geoff Tuff, Steven Goldbach

ISBN: 978-1-119-47615-3

May 2018

224 pages




Reinvent best practices that have become bad habits 

Without meaning to, and often with the best of intentions, most organizations continually waste precious time and money on processes and activities that don't create value and no longer make sense in today's business environment. Until now, the relatively slow speed of marketplace evolution has allowed wasteful habits to continue without consequence. This reality is ending.

Detonate explains how organizations built up bad habits, identifies which ones masquerade as "best practices," and suggests alternatives that can contribute to winning in the marketplace. With a focus on optimism and empowerment, it focuses on an approach and mindset which are critical to successfully compete in an era characterized by profound technological advances and uncertainty. 

•    Core themes challenge how you think about and approach problems

•    Case studies illustrate the challenges you face and how to overcome them

•    Recommendations are pragmatic and steer clear of suggesting a brand-new, complicated wiring diagram

•    Actionable advice provides the first steps down an evolutionary path

If you want to compete differently in today’s marketplace and to challenge the things your company does which you have a nagging feeling are actually just a waste of time – and maybe value-destroying – Detonate gives you what you need to ignite change.

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Part I: Light the Fuse

1. Tinderbox: Hazardous Unwritten Rules

2. Spark: Acceleration of the Vicious Cycle

3. Coordinates: Targeting the Blast

Part II: Blow Up Your Playbooks

4. Dismantle Your P&L: Revenue Should Be the Last Thing You Worry About

5. Trash the Calendar: A Strategic Planning Schedule Is Largely a Waste of Time

6. Defy Expertise: Syndicated Data Creates Zero Advantage

7. Upend Insight: Customers Can’t Tell You What They Believe

8. Lose Control: Discard Opportunity Management Systems

9. Stomp Out Platitudes: Celebrating Failure Is an Excuse for Mediocrity

10. Embrace Impermanence: Org Charts and Career Paths Are Past their Sell-By Date

Part III: Build Something Better

11. Where to Start: Pick Your Site to Apply the Detonate Mindset

12. Implications for Leadership: Accelerate by Asking Better Questions

13. Minimally Viable Thoughts



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