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Developing Leadership Talent

Developing Leadership Talent

David Berke, Michael E. Kossler, Michael Wakefield

ISBN: 978-0-470-17702-0

Jun 2008, Pfeiffer

160 pages

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Based on the popular Developing Leadership Talent program offered by the acclaimed Center for Creative Leadership, this important resource offers a nuts-and-bolts framework for putting in place a leadership development system that will attract and retain the best and brightest talent. Step by step, the authors explain how alignment with strategic goals and organizational purpose and effective developmental experiences are the backbone of a successful leadership program. An authoritative and useful book, Developing Leadership Talent is an essential tool for any leadership program.

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Chapter 1: The Talent Imperative.

Talent Management.

Miscues in Developing Leadership Talent.

The DLT Approach.

Is Your Organization Ready to Develop Leadership Talent?.

Getting Started with DLT.

Chapter 2: Business Strategy/Organizational Needs.

Assessing Business and Organizational Needs.

What to Look For.

Where to Look.

How to Assess.

Chapter 3: Implications for Leadership.

Implications for Individuals and Organizations.

Identifying Leadership Implications.

Chapter 4: Leadership Competencies.

A Leadership Competency Framework.

Choosing Your Framework.

CCL's Model of Leader Competencies.

Developing a Competency Framework.

Involve Others.

Chapter 5: Gaps, Skills, and Target Populations.

Fundamentals of Gap Analysis.

Level of Skill Development.

Identifying Target Populations.

Chapter 6: Development Strategies.

Principles of Development.

Building Developmental Experiences .

Developmental Job Assignments.

Developmental Relationships.

Structured Development Programs.

360-Degree Feedback Tools.

Chapter 7: Implementation.

Thinking About Implementation.

Garnering Support and Managing Resistance.

Chapter 8: Ongoing Evaluation.

A Framework for Evaluation.

Focusing the Evaluation.

Guidelines for Designing and Conducting the Evaluation.

Using Evaluation Findings.

Appendix A. CCL Leadership Competencies List.

Appendix B. CCL Leadership Competency Profile Tool.




About the Authors.

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