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Developing Political Savvy

Developing Political Savvy

William A. Gentry, Jean Brittain Leslie

ISBN: 978-1-118-78012-1

Jul 2013, Pfeiffer

28 pages



There are many things that politics is not. Politics is not good or bad; it's neutral and natural. Politics is not a zero-sum game; politically savvy individuals can use their influence in an effective, authentic manner so that all parties involved get something positive out of the experience. Politics is not about being false; instead, political savvy is about using your skills, behaviors, and qualities to be effective, and sincerity is vital. Use the ideas and exercises in this guidebook to become a more politically savvy leader, and build your capacity to lead effectively in your organization.

7 Rex and the Political Missteps

8 Workplace Politics—A Fact of Life

9 Political Savvy Checklist

12 Developing Effective Political Savvy

Mingle Strategically

Read the Situation

Determine the Appropriate Behavior Before Acting

Leave Them with a Good Impression

23 Conclusion

24 Suggested Readings

24 Background

25 Key Point Summary