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Developing Reflective Judgment

Patricia M. King, Karen Strohm Kitchener

ISBN: 978-1-555-42629-3 March 1994 Jossey-Bass 352 Pages


How do students learn to reason and think about complex issues?This book fills a critical gap in our understanding of along-neglected facet of the critical thinking process: reflectivejudgment. Drawing on extensive cross-sectional and longitudinalresearch, King and Kitchener detail the series of stages that laythe foundation for reflective thinking, and they trace thedevelopment of reflective judgment through adolescence andadulthood.

The authors also describe the implications of the ReflectiveJudgment Model for working with students in the classroom andbeyond--encouraging educators to think differently aboutinteractions with their students and to create ways of moreeffectively promoting the ability to make reflective judgments.
Reflective Judgment: A Neglected Facet of Critical Thinking.

Creating a New Theoretical Model of Reflective Judgment.

The Seven Stages of Reflective Judgment.

Assessing Reasoning Skills.

Assessing Reflective Judgment.

Research on the Reflective Judgment Model (with Phillip K.Wood).

Relating Reflective Judgment to Intellectual Development.

Reflective Judgment and Character Development.

Fostering Reflective Judgment in the College Years.