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Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today: Insights from Corporate India

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today: Insights from Corporate India

Meena Surie Wilson, Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

ISBN: 978-1-119-19953-3

Oct 2015, Jossey-Bass

212 pages


Today's large business organizations in India have a voracious need for effective managers and talented leaders; but demand far exceeds supply. This timely and practical book offers thoroughly-researched pointers on how Indian managers can become high-performing business leaders.

The leadership development curriculum proposed in these pages is based on extracting lessons from on-the-job experience. Given that the workplace is the medium through which the essentials of leadership are learned, executives and managers at all levels need to know which experiences matter, what are the foremost lessons learned, and how learning occurs. Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today offers a complete template for effective leadership, including:

  • The seven experiences vital for developing leadership ability
  • The 11 lessons in leadership essential for managerial effectiveness
  • Over 50 stories and 100 wise quotations from today's senior executives that portray how leadership acumen sharpens over time
  • Reflective exercises, self-assessments, and guidelines for self-improvement

The underlying research was conducted in cooperation with the Tata Management Training Center in Pune, India, and captures the experiences and leadership lessons learned by over 100 senior Indian business leaders. As such, it offers readers both a compass and a map for traversing the terrain of leadership development.

In these pages, early and mid-career managers will find a roadmap for steering their careers towards the higher echelons of executive leadership. Senior executives, at the top of their game, will find a systematic and proactive approach to cultivating the leadership talent that their organizations will require in the future. Global executives operating in India will find out how leadership and management are practiced in India.


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1 Seizing the Moment—Learning from Experiences.

2 Bosses Who Make a Difference.

3 Creating Change—Taking on a Turnaround.

4 Creating Change—Launching a New Initiative.

5 The Horizontal Move—Job Rotations and Transitions.

6 Crossing Cultures.

7 Two Fundamental Experiences for New Managers.

8 Harnessing the Power of Experience.

Appendix: The Lessons of Experience—India Research Project.


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