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Development and Developers: Perspectives on Property



Development and Developers: Perspectives on Property

Simon Guy (Editor), John Hanneberry (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-17216-5 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 320 Pages


This book presents for the first time an interdisciplinary view of property development and property developers. Fourteen contributor are brought together here from leading researchers and respected practitioners, including property analysts, economists, geographers, planners and sociologists. This rounded picture of property research explores:

* the development of quantitative and qualitative research methods

* theories ranging from mainstream economics to social constructivism

* the inter-relationships between the economic and the social, and between individuals and organisations and their environments

Development and Developers highlights the benefits of different research approaches and methods, demonstrating how a more inclusive, multidisciplinary view of property research will connect to wider debates in urban studies.

Preface; Contributors; Approaching development; The market context of property development activity; Modelling the development sector of the property market; Market research for office real estate; The financial appraisal of development projects; Developers' decisions and property market behaviour; The organisation of property development professions and practices; The impact of land management and development strategies on urban redevelopment prospects; Developers in local property markets - assessing the implications of developer experiences and attitudes in the re-use of vacant industrial buildings in an old industrial area; System dynamics and the commecial development process - towards an understanding of complex behaviour and change; Evolution in the supply of commercial real estate: the emergence of a new relationship between suppliers and occupiers of real estate; Global players and the reshaping of local property markets: global pressures and local reactions; Developing interests: environmental innovation and the social organisation of the property business; Property companies and the remaking of markets: stories from the 1990s; Conclusions: interpreting development; Index.
Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. It has provided me with an interdisciplinary view of property development and property developers. From a research angle, this book has definitely made a contribution to the research agenda. As a teacher of an undergraduate module on Real Estate Development, the series of papers provided me with a very useful framework for my lectures as well as valuable materials for tutorial discussions and readings.... I have no hesitation in recommending this book as one of the essential readings for my students.

Joseph T.L. Ooi

Department of Real Estate

National University of Singapore

Journal of Property Investment and Finance

* helps you think like a developer
* draws together for the first time a range of perspectives and approaches
* offers insights both from recent research and from respected practitioners