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Developments in Strategic Materials, Volume 29, Issue 10




This volume provides a one-stop resource, compiling current research on developments in strategic materials. It is a collection of papers from The American Ceramic Society s 32nd International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, January 27-February 1, 2008. Papers included in this issue come from five symposia: "Thermoelectric Materials for Power Conversion;" "Basic Science of Multifunctional Ceramics;" "Science of Ceramic Interfaces;" "Geopolymers;" and "Materials for Solid State Lighting." This is a valuable, up-to-date resource for researchers working in the field.



Developments in Oxynitride Glasses: Formation, Properties and Crystallization (Stuart Hampshire).


Thermoelectric Properties of Ge Doped In,O, (David Berardan, Emmanuel Guilrneau, Antoine Maignan, and Bernard Raveau).

Transition Metal Oxides for Thermoelectric Generation (J.P. Doumerc, M. Blangero, M. Pollet, D. Carlier, J. Darriet. C. Delmas, and R. Decourt).

Deformation and Texture Behaviors of Co-Oxides with Misfit Structure under High Temperature Compression* (Hiroshi Fukutomi, Kazuto Okayasu, Yoshirni Konno, Eisuke lguchi and Hiroshi Nakatsugawa).

Fabrication of High-Performance Thermoelectric Modules Consisting of Oxide Materials (Ryoji Funahashi, Saori Urata. and Atsuko Kosuga).

Influence of Grain Boundary on Textured Al-ZnO (Yoshiaki Kinemuchi, Hisashi Kaga. Satoshi Tanaka, Keizo Uematsu, Hiromi Nakano, and Koji Watari).

Evaluation on Thermo-Mechanical Integrity of Thermoelectric Module for Heat Recovery at Low Temperature (Yujiro Nakatani, Takahiko Shindo, Kengo Wakamatsu, Takehisa Hino, Takashi Ohishi, Haruo Matsumuro, and Yoshiyasu ltoh).

Transport Properties of Sn,P,Br, and Sn, ,Zn,P,,Br, (Stevce Stefanoski, Andrei V. Shevelkov, and George S. Nolas).

Temperature Impact on Electrical Conductivity And Dielectric Properties of HCI Doped Polyaniline (Shuo Chen, Weiping Li, Shunhua Liu, William J. Craft, and David Y. Song).


Preparation of Ceramic Foams from Metakaolin-Based Geopolymer Gels (J.L. Bell and W.M. Kriven).

Preparation of Photocatalytic Layers Based on Geopolymer (Z. Cerny, I. Jakubec, P. Bezdicka, V. Stengl, and P. Roubicek).

Characterization of Raw Clay Materials in Serbia 0.063mm Sieved Residues (Snefana Devic, Milica Arsenovic and Branko ZivanCevic).

Fireproof Coatings on the Basis of Alkaline Aluminum Silicate Systems (P.V. Krivenko, Ye.K. Pushkareva, M.V. Sukhanevich, and S.G. Guziy).

Determining the Elastic Properties of Geopolymers Using Nondestructive Ultrasonic Techniques (Joseph Lawson, Benjamin Varela, Raj S. Pai Panandiker, and Maria Helguera).

Bi-Axial Four Points Flexural and Compressive Strength of Geopolymer Materials Based Na20-K,O-A1,O3-SiO2 Systems (C. Leonelli, E. Kamseu, and V.M. Sglavo).

A Study on Alkaline Dissolution and Geopolymerisation of Hellenic Fly Ash (Ch. Panagiotopoulou, T. Perraki, S. Tsivilis, N. Skordaki, and G. Kakali).

Role of Oxide Ratios on Engineering Performance of Fly-Ash Geopolymer Binder Systems (Kwesi Sagoe-Crentsi).