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Diabetes: The Facts That Let You Regain Control of Your Life

Diabetes: The Facts That Let You Regain Control of Your Life

Charles Kilo, Joseph R. Williamson, Dick Richmond

ISBN: 978-0-471-85801-0 June 1987 208 Pages


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"Unlike most books about diabetes, this book is readable as astory--jampacked with exciting recent information about a diseasethat afflicts 100 million people." --Leo P. Krall, MD, JoslinClinic and Harvard Medical School, President of the DiabetesResearch and Education Foundation Understanding diabetes is thefirst step a diabetic patient takes toward living a long, activelife. If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed withdiabetes, here, in lay terms, is a comprehensive explanation thatwill help you understand diabetes--and learn to cope with it.Specifically not a how-to guide, Diabetes presents clear,scientific coverage of how the body functions and how diabetesaffects its various systems. It candidly addresses manycontroversies in treatment and discusses important new informationon vascular damage caused by diabetes. Drs. Kilo and Williamsonclearly and carefully explain:
* Psychological aspects
* Diabetes and men
* Diabetes and women
* Choosing a doctor
* Diet and exercise
* Obesity
* Medication
* Stress
* Complications of diabetes
You will also find exciting information on new developments indiabetes research, such as a new class of drugs--aldose reductaseinhibitors--which could revolutionize diabetes treatment.

Why Me?

The Hard Facts.

The Many Faces of One Disease.

Living an Active, Healthier Life.

The Truth About the Consequences.

Victims of Heredity and Environment.

How We Get Fat.

How We Get Thin.

Diabetes in Women.

...And In Men.


What We Know So Far.

Two Points of View.

Another Setback.


Education: The Essential Ingredient.

Normalization: Diet, Exercise, and Medication.

Planning the Diet.

Alleviating Stress.

The Newest Approaches.

How to Pick a Doctor.