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Diabetes Cookbook For Canadians For Dummies, Updated Edition

Diabetes Cookbook For Canadians For Dummies, Updated Edition

Ian Blumer, Cynthia Payne

ISBN: 978-1-119-04552-6

Feb 2015

384 pages



Delicious recipes and expert cooking tips for diabetics

Having diabetes doesn't mean having to abandon great food. Diabetes Cookbook For Canadians For Dummies, Updated Edition offers an abundance of delicious recipes that will help diabetics and prediabetics enjoy meals and manage their diabetes. Based on the most recent edition of the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diabetes Management, this new cookbook includes over 100 additional recipes and updated coverage on the latest drugs for diabetes management and new guidelines for target blood glucose levels.

Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies offers valuable information for diabetics and anyone who cooks for diabetics. The authors offer meal planning suggestions, shopping tips, and even plot out a month of diverse and unexpected menus, including mouth-watering full-color photos of some of the delicious meals.

  • Learn to cook meals you love that will comply with proper diabetes management
  • Expand your culinary range with new interpretations of traditional dishes
  • Make managing your diabetes more enjoyable with exciting menu options
  • Learn how to make meal planning and preparation part of your daily routine

This updated cookbook, a companion to the bestselling Diabetes For Canadians For Dummies, 3rd Edition offers delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes that will help readers manage their diabetes.

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting Started with Diabetes & Cooking 5

Chapter 1: Diabetes 101: Discovering the Basics 7

Chapter 2: You Are What You Eat 25

Chapter 3: You Are How You Eat 43

Chapter 4: Staying Healthy through Nutrition 59

Part II: Cooking and Meal-Planning Essentials 69

Chapter 5: Getting Equipped 71

Chapter 6: Successful Food Shopping 75

Part III: Healthy Eating: Natural, Nutritious Recipes 91

Chapter 7: Rise and Shine with Breakfast 93

Chapter 8: Savory Soups 109

Chapter 9: Snazzy Salads 121

Chapter 10: Appealing Appetizers 139

Chapter 11: Creative Carbohydrate Concoctions 151

Chapter 12: Don’t Forget Your Veggies! 175

Chapter 13: Fishing for the Right Dish: Fish and Seafood Entrées 191

Chapter 14: Birds of a Feather: Poultry Dinners 205

Chapter 15: Mighty Meat 221

Chapter 16: Vegetarian Variety 237

Chapter 17: Delectable Endings 249

Chapter 18: Kooking for Kids 271

Part IV: The Part of Tens 285

Chapter 19: Ten Frequently Asked Questions 287

Chapter 20: Ten Diabetes Nutrition Myths 295

Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Healthy Eating 303

Part V: Appendixes 311

Appendix A: Nutrition and Recipe Websites for People with Diabetes 313

Appendix B: A Month of Menus 319

Index 347