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Diagnosis and Treatment of Furcation-Involved Teeth

Diagnosis and Treatment of Furcation-Involved Teeth

Luigi Nibali (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-27067-6

Jul 2018, Wiley-Blackwell

312 pages


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Diagnosis and Treatment of Furcation-Involved Teeth offers dental professionals a comprehensive review of the aetiology and diagnosis of furcation defects, including treatment options.

  • Provides a practical manual for the successful diagnosis and treatment of a therapeutic challenge for general dentists and periodontists
  • Presents illustrative photographs of clinical cases and procedures
  • Offers a helpful chapter on patient-reported outcomes
  • Includes a companion website with video clips and case studies 


List of contributors

Foreword by William Giannobile


1  Anatomy of multi-rooted teeth and aetiopathogenesis of the furcation defect
Bernadette Pretzl

2 Clinical and radiographic diagnosis and epidemiology of furcation involvement
Peter Eickholz & Clemens Walter

3  How good are we at cleaning furcations? Non-surgical and surgical studies
Jia-Hui Fu & Hom-Lay Wang

4 Furcation: The endodontist's view
Federica Fonzar & Riccardo Fabian Fonzar

5  Why do we really care about furcations? Long-term tooth loss data
Luigi Nibali

6 Regenerative therapy of furcation involvements in animal models: What is feasible?
Nikolaos Donos, Iro Palaska, Elena Calciolari, Yoshinori Shirakata, & Anton Sculean

7  Regenerative therapy of furcations in human clinical studies: What has been achieved so far?
Søren Jepsen & Karin Jepsen

8  Furcation therapy: Resective approach and restorative options
Roberto Rotundo & Alberto Fonzar

9  Furcation tunneling
Stefan G. Rüdiger

10  Innovative and adjunctive furcation therapy: Evidence of success and future perspective
Luigi Nibali & Elena Calciolari

11 Furcation: Why bother? Treat the tooth or extract and place an implant?
Nikos Mardas & Stephen Barter

12 Is it worth it? Health economics of furcation involvement
Falk Schwendicke & Christian Graetz

13  Deep gaps between the roots of the molars: A patient’s point of view
Luigi Nibali

14  Assessment of two example cases based on a review of the literature
Luigi Nibali

15 Furcations: A treatment algorithm
Luigi Nibali