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Dictionary of Colloid and Interface Science



Dictionary of Colloid and Interface Science

Laurier L. Schramm

ISBN: 978-0-471-39406-8 February 2001 232 Pages


An indispensable reference for professionals and students alike
Dictionary of Colloid and Interface Science includes more than 300 terms, with tables, references, and a biographical section that puts important developments in colloid and interface science into historical perspective. This dictionary is appropriate for professionals and students alike, and proves itself to be a ready reference for navigating the colloidal and interfacial literature.
A valuable working resource for chemists and chemical engineers, Dictionary of Colloid and Interface Science contains:
* Concise definitions of key terms in colloid and interface science and their synonyms, abbreviations, and acronyms
* Key equations and constants
* Important named colloids and phenomena
* Profiles of over 60 major names in colloid and interface science
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Dictionary of Terms.


Table 1: Classifications for Atmospheric Aerosols of Liquid Droplets.

Table 2: Types of Colloidal Dispersion.

Table 3: Particle Size Classifications Extending Upwards from the Classical Colloidal Domain.

Table 4: Glossary of Viscosities.

Table 5: Equations for Predicting Viscosities of Dispersions.

Table 6: Equations for Predicting Conductivities of Dispersions.

Table 7: Equations for Predicting Relative Permittivities of Dispersions.

Table 8: Equations for Predicting Surface and Interfacial Tensions.

Table 9: Some Surface Techniques and Their Acronyms.

Table 10: Some Approximate Values of Shear Rate Appropriate to Various Processes.

Table 11: Some Descriptions Appropriate to Different Yield Stresses.

Table 12: Equations for Predicting Critical Micelle Concentrations.

Table 13: Index of Famous Names in Colloid and Interface Science.

Table 14: Some Units and Symbols in Colloid and Interface Science.

"...a worthwhile addition to libraries serving students and researchers in colloid and interface science, or related areas such as chemisty." (American Reference Books Annual, Vol. 33)
"...recommended to chemists, chemical engineers, and students...and for industrial settings, special libraries, and academic libraries..." (E-Streams, Vol. 5, No. 7)