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Dictionary of DNA and Genome Technology, 2nd Edition

Dictionary of DNA and Genome Technology, 2nd Edition

Paul Singleton

ISBN: 978-0-470-68912-7 March 2010 426 Pages


DNA technology has a vital role in diverse fields such as criminal investigation and gene therapy – dynamic areas involving many specialised terms and techniques. This unique dictionary offers current, detailed, accessible information to lecturers, researchers, students and technicians throughout the biomedical and related sciences.
  • The new edition represents a major update with 50% more entries on the very latest developments.
  • Clear explanations of terms, techniques, and tests, including commercial systems, with detailed coverage of many important procedures and methods.
  • Includes well-established methodology plus new technology and data from the latest research journals, going well beyond the remit of most science dictionaries.
  • Essay-style entries on many major topics to assist newcomers to the field.
  • Covers topics relevant to medicine (diagnosis and gene therapy); veterinary science; biotechnology; biochemistry; pharmaceutical science/drug development; molecular biology; microbiology; epidemiology; genomics; environmental science; plant science/agriculture; taxonomy; and forensic science.



Notes for the user.

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Appendix: alphabetical list of general.

"This worthwhile reference book reflects the rapid advances in the field of DNA and genome technology that have occurred in the past decade." (Choice , 1 April 2011)