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Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology, 4th Edition



Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology, 4th Edition

Andrew Porteous

ISBN: 978-1-118-68768-0 April 2013 824 Pages


This superb and highly-acclaimed dictionary includes over 4000 in-depth entries on scientific and technical terminology associated with environmental protection and resource management. In addition, it contains numerous illustrations, a wide range of international case studies and extensive cross-references to guide the reader. The new edition will be a major update with 30% new material, additional illustrations and a greatly expanded list of relevant web resources.

Preface to Fourth Edition ix

Preface to Third Edition xi

Preface to Second Edition xiii

Preface xv

Introduction xvii

Acknowledgements xix

Abbreviations xxiii

The Dictionary 1

Appendix I Pollution and the environment-organizations 779

Appendix II The Periodic Table 791

Table of Chemical Elements 792

Appendix III Table of prefixes for SI units 795

Appendix IV Conversion table for SI and British units 796