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Dictionary of Nanotechnology, Colloid and Interface Science


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Dictionary of Nanotechnology, Colloid and Interface Science

Laurier L. Schramm

ISBN: 978-3-527-32203-9 October 2008 298 Pages


This manageably sized dictionary covers theory, experiment, industrial practice and applications for nanotechnology, colloid, and interface science, as well as much of what is now termed materials science. The comprehensive information is presented in several sections and formats: dictionary of terms, classification tables on colloid and nanomaterial types, and sub-term glossaries for specific phenomena, properties and methods. It offers both newly-coined as well as older terms whose meanings have changed, providing acronyms, synonyms, famous names, selected abbreviations, and cross-references. It also contains a historical overview, units and symbols, and a separate literature section for further reading and following-up on specific topics.
An authoritative reference, vital for unhindered communication and knowledge transfer in this fast-growing and broadly interdisciplinary field.
Newly-coined and Recent Terms
Established and Older Terms, Including their Meaning Changes Throughout Time
Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Synonyms, Including Cross-references
- Types of Colloidal Dispersions
- Representative Listing of Nanoterms
- Classifications for Sub-types of Colloids
- Classifications for Surface Techniques
- Index of Famous Names in Nanotechnology, Colloid and Interface Science
- Numeric Classifications
- Glossary of Sub-terms for Physical Properties
- Descriptions Appropriate to Properties
- Equations for Predicting Dispersion Properties
- Methods for Determining Dispersion Properties
- Approximate Range-values of Physical Properties
- Decimal-multiple Prefixes for Units in Nanotechnology, Colloid and Interface Science
- Units and Symbols in Nanotechnology, Colloid and Interface Science
It is the significantly expanded and broadened successor to the author's "Dictionary of Colloid and Interface Science" (Wiley, 2001, ISBN-10: 0-471-39406-8), containing over 300 new terms in colloid and interface science and over 100 "nano" terms, over 150 revised or updated definitions, additional tables, additional biographical sketches, and more than 50 new references.

Now also includes significantly more coverage on aerosols and particle technology, mineral processing, food colloids, smart colloids, surface analysis, preparation methods, and predictive equations.
Reviews of the predecessor, the Dictionary of Colloid and Interface Science (0-471-39406-8):
"...a worthwhile addition to libraries serving students and researchers in colloid and interface science, or related areas such as chemisty." (American Reference Books Annual, Vol. 33)
"...recommended to chemists, chemical engineers, and students...and for industrial settings, special libraries, and academic libraries..." (E-Streams, Vol. 5, No. 7)