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Die Welt der Elemente - Die Elemente der Welt

Die Welt der Elemente - Die Elemente der Welt

Hans-Jürgen Quadbeck-Seeger

ISBN: 978-3-527-31789-9

Feb 2007

118 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Based on the table of elements, the central reference for every natural scientist, Prof. Quadbeck-Seeger explains the criteria that assign each element to its place and give it its particular properties. The author has served for many years on the board of BASF and here he outlines in a clear and concise manner the story behind the discovery of each element, its physical and chemical characteristics and its role in our everyday lives. Backed by many interesting details and completely illustrated in color, this book is not only varied reading but also a treasure trove of surprising insights.
Ideally combined with the "Historical table of Elements" poster, the book is also aimed at younger readers and is thus perfect for schools, lectures and other teaching activities.