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Digerati Glitterati: High-Tech Heroes

Digerati Glitterati: High-Tech Heroes

Christopher Langdon , David Manners

ISBN: 978-0-471-49949-7

Oct 2001

288 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Discover the inspiration and motivation of the gifted few.
The intellectual power of the high-tech industry is awesome - but so are the egos. To keep people working together productively requires an individual style of management, and at the top of these companies are a new breed of executives. Their attitudes to work create fluid cultures where nothing is sacred and everything is open to challenge.
The Digerati Glitterati are a select group of the most admired leaders in this remarkable world. Several have founded great companies, while others have transformed existing organisations into world leaders or blazed entrepreneurial trails for others to follow. Some are just beginning to leave their dynamic individual mark. All have a story to tell and priceless advice to offer.
The Digerati Glitterati are:
Hermann Hauser, Acorn
Andrew Rickman, Bookham Technology
Malcolm Miller, Pace Micro Technology
Robin Saxby, ARM
Gordon Moore, Intel
Ulrich Schumacher, Infineon
Jorma Ollila, Nokia
Sir Clive Sinclair, Sinclair Research
Pasquale Pistorio, ST Microelectronics
Dick Skipworth, Memec
David Potter, Psion
Hans Snook, Orange
Now, the Digerati Glitterati reveal the inside secrets of what it takes to build great companies. In candid interviews they explain how, why and when they got started, how they conceived the idea for their businesses and sold it to others, what motivated them, what kept them going in adversity and how they overcame their biggest challenges.When they speak, smart people listen.

Andrew Rickman: Founder and Chairman, Bookham Technology.

Gordon Moore: Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Intel.

Sir Clive Sinclair: Founder and Chairman, Sinclair Research.

David Potter: Founder and Chairman, Psion.

Hermann Hauser: Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Acorn and Amadeus.

Robin Saxby: Chairman and CEO, ARM.

Jorma Ollila: Chairman and CEO, Nokia.

Pasquale Pistorio: President and CEO, STMicroelectronics.

Ulrich Schumacher: President and CEO, Infineon Technologies.

Dick Skipworth: Founder and Chairman, Memec.

Hans Snook: Founder and CEO, Orange.

Malcolm Miller: CEO, Pace Micro Technology.

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