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DigiMarketing: The Essential Guide to New Media and Digital Marketing

DigiMarketing: The Essential Guide to New Media and Digital Marketing

Kent Wertime, Ian Fenwick

ISBN: 978-1-119-20772-6

Oct 2015

420 pages


"We are all DigiMarketers now - or we should be. The authors have for the first time provided a lucid, hype-free, business-based and practical guide to the new age of marketing: it is a kind of digital Baedeker, which should be on every businessman's book-shelf."
Miles Young, Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific

"The digital frontier is now the center of our universe. As Kent Wertime and Ian Fenwick show, marketers must seize this digital opportunity to accelerate their market growth."
John A. Quelch, Senior Associate Dean and Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

"Too many advertisers are stuck in the primordial soup when it comes to their digital marketing strategy. However, they need to evolve fast if they are to survive in a multi-channel landscape. This timely book acts like an Origin of the Species, steering hesitant brand owners through the complexities of the digital ecosystem. An impressive blend of academic theory, professional insight and practical advice."
Paul Kemp-Robertson, Co-founder & Editorial Director, Contagious

"DigiMarketing: The Essential Guide to New Marketing & Digital Media is a clear call for companies to evolve their marketing practice. This book is essential reading for anyone seeking a roadmap to the future of business."
Dipak C. Jain, Dean, Kellogg School of Management

"The rise of conversational media new forms of distribution - from blogs to mobile platforms - challenge traditional approaches to marketing, and require every business to have a transition plan. Kent Wertime and Ian Fenwick have written a book that is required reading for any marketers interested in successfully making that transition."
John Battelle, CEO and Founder, Federated Media Publishing and Author, The Search

"Kent Wertime and Ian Fenwick have written the definitive guide to marketing in the digital age. But Digimarketing does more than educate marketing professionals. It describes the new media landscape brilliantly, making it an essential read for anyone who hopes to understand the most important technological revolution of the past fifty years. I wore out three yellow highlighters before realizing that every sentence and every paragraph is worth committing to memory."
Norman Pearlstine, Former Editor-in-Chief, Time Inc. and Managing Editor, The Wall Street Journal, Senior Advisor, Telecommunications & Media, The Carlyle Group

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Chapter 1: The Media Game-Changers.

Chapter 2: DigiMarketing: The New Imperative.


Chapter 3: The Web.

Chapter 4: Internet Media: Display, Search, Affi liates and Sponsorships.

Chapter 5: Email and Viral Marketing.

Chapter 6: Mobile Platforms.

Chapter 7: Games: The New Hollywood.

Chapter 8: Consumer-Created Content.

Chapter 9: Digital Signage.

Chapter 10: Television Reinvented - IPTV.


Chapter 11: Phase 1 - Defining a Participant Print and Goals.

Chapter 12: Phase 2 - Creating Your Digital Platform

Chapter 13: Phase 3 - Generating Awareness and Influence.

Chapter 14: Phase 4 - Harnessing Data, Analytics, and Optimization.

Conclusion: Stay Connected.