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Digital Audio Broadcasting: Principles and Applications of Digital Radio, 2nd Edition

Digital Audio Broadcasting: Principles and Applications of Digital Radio, 2nd Edition

Wolfgang Hoeg (Editor), Thomas Lauterbach (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-87142-3 January 2004 360 Pages




Now the standardisation work of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) system is finished many broadcast organisations, network providers and receiver manufacturers in European countries and outside of Europe (for example Canada and the Far East) will be installing DAB broadcast services as pilot projects or public services. In addition some value added services (data and video services) are under development or have already started as pilot projects.

The new digital broadcast system DAB distinguishes itself from existing conventional broadcast systems, and the various new international standards and related documents (from ITU-R, ISO/IEC, ETSI, EBU, EUREKA147, and others) are not readily available and are difficult to read for users. Therefore it is essential that a well structured technical handbook should be available.

The Second Edition of Digital Audio Broadcasting has been fully updated with new sections and chapters added to reflect all the latest developments and advances.

Digital Audio Broadcasting:

  • Provides a fully updated comprehensive overview of DAB
  • Covers international standards, applications and other technical issues
  • Combines the expertise of leading researchers in the field of DAB
  • Now covers such new areas as: IP-Tunneling via DAB; Electronic Programme Guide for DAB; and Metadata

A comprehensive overview of DAB specifically written for planning and system engineers, developers for professional and domestic equipment manufacturers, service providers, as well as postgraduate students and lecturers in communications technology.



List of contributors.


1.  Introduction.


Radio in the Digital Age.

Benefits of the Eureka 147 DAB System.

History of the Origins of DAB.

International Standardisation.

Relations to Other Digital Broadcasting Systems.

2.  System Concept.

The Physical Channel.

The DAB Transmission System.

The DAB Multiplex.

Conditional Access.

Service Information.

3.  Audio Services and Applications.


Audio Coding.

Characteristics and Features of MPEG-1 Layer II for DAB.

Programme-associated Data.

Advanced Audio Applications Using MPEG-2 Features.

Quality of Service.

Error Protection and Concealment.

A Typical DAB Ensemble.

Audio Levels.

4.  Data Services and Applications.


Data Service Signalling.

Multimedia Applications with MOT.

Standardisation MOT User Application.

"Mobil-Info" as an Example of a Proprietary MOT User Application.

Textual PAD Services.

Traffic Information Services and Navigation Aids.

Moving Picture Services.

Other Data Transmission Mechanism.

5.  Provision of Services.

The DAB Service Landscape.

Use of Existing Infrastructures.

Need for New Infrastructure.

Relationship between DAB Data Services and RDS.

Electronic Programme Guide EPG.

Possible New Audio Services.

6.  Collection and Distribution Networks.


The Collection Network.

The Distribution Network.

Example of Implementation.

7.  The Broadcast Side.


Radio Frequency Propagation Aspects.

Introduction of DAB Networks.

Particularities of Single frequency networks (SFN).

DAB Transmitters.

Coverage Planning.

Coverage Evaluation and Monitoring of SFNs.

Frequency Management.

8.  The Receiving Side.


FR Front-End.

Digital Baseband Processing.

Audio Decoder.


Integrated Circuits for DAB.

Receiver Overview.

Operating a DAB Receiver - the Human Machine Interface.




"This updated edition introduces the recent international standards, applications, and the technical issues of the Eureka-147 DAB System.” (Radio, September 1, 2004)

“I had great pleasure reading this book…I highly recommend it….” (Journal of Audio Engineers Society, Vol.52, June 2004)

"...second edition is even more complete and comprehensive...straightforward, down-to-earth language...very understandable to the non-initiated..." (EBU Technical Review, April 2004)

"…this fully updated new edition introduces the recent international standards, applications, and technical issues of the Eureka 147 DAB system." (IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Newsletter, January 2004)