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Digital Communication Systems

Digital Communication Systems

Simon Haykin

ISBN: 978-1-118-54405-1

Jan 2013

800 pages



This new text offers up-to-date coverage on the principles of digital communications, focusing on core principles and relating theory to practice.

Numerous examples, worked out in detail, have been included to help the student develop an intuitive grasp of the theory. The text also incorporates MATLAB-based computer experiments throughout, as well as themed examples and an abundance of homework problems.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Fourier Analysis of Signals and Systems
  3. Probability Theory and Bayesian Inference
  4. Stochastic Processes
  5. Information Theory
  6. Conversion of Analog Waveforms into Coded Pulses
  7. Signaling over AWGN Channels
  8. Signaling over Band-Limited Channels
  9. Signaling over Fading Channels
  10. Error-control Coding


  1. Advanced Probabilistic Models
  2. Bounds on the Q-Function
  3. Bessel Functions
  4. Method of Lagrange Multipliers
  5. Information Capacity of MIMO Channels
  6. Interleaving
  7. The Peak-Power Reduction Problem in OFDM
  8. Nonlinear Solid-State Power Amplifiers
  9. Monte Carlo Integration
  10. Maximal-Length Sequences

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  • An accessible introduction to the topic suitable for senior undergraduates as well as graduate students.
  • Abundance of examples and homework problems.
  • MATLAB based computer experiments are included throughout.