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Digital Creativity: Techniques for Digital Media and the Internet

Digital Creativity: Techniques for Digital Media and the Internet

Bruce Wands

ISBN: 978-0-471-21124-2

Mar 2004

352 pages


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Master the technical skills, creative techniques, and principles of digital design
At last-here is a book that links graphic design fundamentals to the technical and creative knowledge that graphic designers need to work in today's digital and electronic media.
Written by a designer for the designer, Digital Creativity explains computer technology in accessible terms as it covers key topics such as Web design, video, audio, and 2D and 3D animation.
This comprehensive guide presents an overview of the digital production pipeline, shares principles and techniques for all types of new media, and examines how professionals create commercial art and fine art. It is an excellent resource for students and design professionals who need the skills and information necessary to succeed in the highly competitive world of digital design.
* Special features include:
* Interviews with successful digital designers
* Hundreds of illustrations
* End-of-chapter learning exercises
* An information-packed companion Web site
* Coverage of software/hardware issues
  1. The History of Digital Media, Interview: Christiane Paul: New Media Curator for the Whitney Museum of American Art
  2. The Basics of Digital Media
  3. Creativity, Interviews: Isaac Kerlow: Director of Digital Talent for the Walt Disney Company: Barbara Nessim: Chair of Illustration, Parsons School of Design
  4. The Production Pipeline, Interview: Steven Heller: Art Director for the New York Times
  5. Design and Typography, Interview: Bonnie Hammer: Design Production Manager for
  6. Web Design and Production, Interview: Pamela Hobbs, Illustrator,
  7. Digital Photography, Interview: Matthew Schlanger, President and CEO of Black Ham-mer
  8. Video Production, Interviews: G.H. Hovagimyian, Cross-Media Digital Artist. Antoinette Lafarge, Director, Museum of Forgery
  9. Audio, Interviews: Andy Lackow, 3D Illustrator. Victor Acevedo, Digital Artist
  10. 2D Animation
  11. 3D Animation, Interview: Joseph Nechvatal, Digital Artist. Interview: Zach Schlappi, Technical Director, Blue Sky Studios
  12. Professional Issues
  • Embeds fundamentals of graphic design within the context of electronic media. Fashioned to provide students with a solid conceptual and critical foundation by presenting a much-needed combination of technical explanations and creative techniques
  • Covers creativity and how to combine the creative and the technical without compromising the design concept
  • Examines various areas of new media, including typography, 2D and 3D animation, and audio and video issues
  • Includes case studies and interviews in which well-known design practitioners deconstruct their own work. This allows students and professionals to better understand the creative process and how it can be used in their own work
  • Includes hundreds of 4-color and b/w illustrations
  • Coverage of software/hardware issues
  • Pedagogy includes chapter summaries and exercises