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Digital Humanities in Knowledge Management

Digital Humanities in Knowledge Management

Sahbi Sidhom, Imad Saleh

ISBN: 978-1-786-30101-7

May 2020, Wiley-ISTE

Select type: Hardcover


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The governance of knowledge seems to be the Scientific Policy most capable of creating value with regard to humanity and its evolution related to the new paradigm “Digital Humanities”.

In the context of "Digital Humanities" related to aspects of the "Knowledge Organization”, a first orientation is pedagogically trying to answer the question "What is known about the knowledge and its organization in the context of Digital Humanities? ". Then the question is evolving towards societal issues of knowledge, research and application, to provide clarifications towards the convergence of approaches and practices for the common use of digital platforms. Education, science, culture, communication and technology remain the major themes covered by this book.
Chapter 1: Digital Humanities: knowledge and collective intelligence

Chapter 2: Competitive Intelligence: the emergence of knowledge

Chapter 3: Organization of Knowledge: challenges

Chapter 4: Engineering data and knowledge: case studies