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Digital Logic Design: Tutorial and Laboratory Exercises

Digital Logic Design: Tutorial and Laboratory Exercises

John Passafiume, Michael Douglas

ISBN: 978-0-471-60345-0 October 1984 128 Pages


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The perfect complement to computer architecture and logic texts. This widely praised tutorial and lab book gives practice in the fundamentals of digital logic and circuitry, with special emphasis on how the machine operates at the gate and register level. Presentation employs the TTL family of digital logic due to its wide availability and moderate cost. Exercises require the student to perform a simple designs and then implement them on hardware. Contains sufficient exercises for a 3-hour lab meeting, once a week, for a semester.
Review of Fundamental Concepts and Introduction to the TTLFamily.

Basic Two-level Circuits.

Implementation with One Gate Type.

Expression Reduction Techniques.

Important Combinatorial Networks--1.

Important Combinatorial Networks--2.

Latches and Flip-flops.


State Sequencers and Controllers.


Appendix A: Boolean Algebra.

Appendix B: TTL Parts, Layout.

Appendix C: References.

Appendix D: Recommended Parts List and Lab Equipment.