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Digital Photography Bible, Desktop Edition

Digital Photography Bible, Desktop Edition

Dan Simon

ISBN: 978-0-764-56875-6

Jul 2004

534 pages

Select type: Paperback

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  • Featuring thirty-two pages of full-color examples, this under-$25 guide is the perfect digital photography reference for serious amateurs as well as nonprofessional photographers who use a digital camera on the job
  • Walks readers through the entire digital photography workflow, from shooting photos and editing them in the digital darkroom to cataloging, printing, and publishing images online
  • Topics covered include selecting cameras, printers, and accessories; mastering basic digital camera techniques; getting great results when shooting sports, nature, landscapes, and people; and working with Photoshop and other image-editing and image-management software
  • Features step-by-step tutorials, full-color before-and-after images, and a companion Web site with bonus sample images plus a mini take-along field guide that readers can print out


Part I: Laying the Foundation—Basic Digital Photography.

Chapter 1: What You Need to Know to Get Started.

Chapter 2: Basic Camera Operation.

Chapter 3: Taking Interesting Photographs.

Part II: Taking the Next Step—Photographs That Wow!

Chapter 4: Creating Magic with the Right Lens.

Chapter 5: Going to Extremes: Aperture and Shutter Speed Magic.

Chapter 6: Expanding Your Horizons: Panoramic and Bad Weather Photography.

Chapter 7: Let There Be Light.

Part III: Tackling Different Photographic Subjects.

Chapter 8: Photographing People.

Chapter 9: Photographing Sports.

Chapter 10: Photographing Nature.

Chapter 11: Photographing Landscapes.

Chapter 12: Photographing Travel Destinations.

Chapter 13: Telling a Story with Pictures.

Part IV: Doing Your Own Image Processing.

Chapter 14: Introduction to the Digital Darkroom.

Chapter 15: Image Processing.

Chapter 16: Setting Up a Workflow.

Chapter 17: Image Management and Archiving.

Part V: Photography for Professionals in Other Fields.

Chapter 18: Getting It Together: Help for the Occasional Photographer.

Chapter 19: Digital Photography for Realtors.

Chapter 20: Digital Photography for Automobile Sales.

Chapter 21: Digital Photography for Company Newsletters.

Chapter 22: Digital Photography for Insurance Adjusters.

Chapter 23: Digital Photography for Research and Documentation.

Chapter 24: Digital Photography for Artists and Graphic Artists.

Chapter 25: Digital Photography for Public Relations Specialists.

Part VI: Putting Digital Photography to Work.

Chapter 26: Creating a Digital Presentation.

Chapter 27: Photographing Business Subjects.

Chapter 28: Techniques for Unusual Images.

Appendix A: Digital Photography Definitions.

Appendix B: Digital Photography Techniques.

Appendix C: Tools, Solutions, and Emergencies.

Appendix D: What’s New in Photoshop.


“…you can’t doubt the usefulness of the information it provides…” (Digital Creative Arts, September 2004)

Companion Site

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