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Digital Signal and Image Processing Using MATLAB

Digital Signal and Image Processing Using MATLAB

Maurice Charbit (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-61398-6

Mar 2013, Wiley-ISTE

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This title provides the most important theoretical aspects of Image and Signal Processing (ISP) for both deterministic and random signals. The theory is supported by exercises and computer simulations relating to real applications.
More than 200 programs and functions are provided in the MATLAB® language, with useful comments and guidance, to enable numerical experiments to be carried out, thus allowing readers to develop a deeper understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of this subject.

Notations and Abbreviations.

Introduction to MATLAB.

Part 1: Deterministic Signals.

Chapter 1. Signal Fundamentals.

Chapter 2. Discrete Time Signals and Sampling.

Chapter 3. Spectral Observation.

Chapter 4. Linear Filters.

Chapter 5. Filter Implementation.

Chapter 6. An Introduction to Image Processing.

Part 2: Random Signals.

Chapter 7. Random Variables.

Chapter 8. Random Processes.

Chapter 9. Continuous Spectra Estimation.

Chapter 10. Discrete Spectra Estimation.

Chapter 11. The Least Squares Method.

Chapter 12. Selected Topics.

Part 3: Hints and Solutions.

Chapter 13. Hints and Solutions.

Chapter 14. Appendix.