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Digital Telephony, 3rd Edition

Digital Telephony, 3rd Edition

John C. Bellamy

ISBN: 978-0-471-34571-8

Feb 2000

672 pages

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From the reviews of the Second Edition . "The book stresses how systems operate and the rationale behind their design, rather than presenting rigorous analytical formulations . [It provides] the practicality and breadth essential to mastering the concepts of modern communications systems." -Telecommunication Journal In this expanded new edition of his bestselling book, telephony expert John Bellamy continues to provide telecommunications engineers with practical, comprehensive coverage of all aspects of digital telephone systems, while addressing the rapid changes the field has seen in recent years. Bellamy discusses the near-complete conversion to digital technology in telephone networks worldwide, examines both existing and emerging technologies, and explores the intricacies of carrying voice over data networks as well as the use of telephone networks for carrying data for Internet access. He emphasizes system design, implementation, and application, but also correlates the practice to communications theory. With 30 percent new material, Digital Telephony, Third Edition features:
* Clear explanations on how to overcome problems associated with the replacement of old analog technology with new digital technology
* A new chapter on digital mobile telephone technology
* New material on how, data networks support voice communication
* A new chapter on digital subscriber access technologies
* More than 300 graphs illustrating concepts
* Examples from the U.S. network as well as ITU public telephone networks

*An Instructor's Manual presenting detailed solutions to all the problems in the book is available from the Wiley editorial department.

Background and Terminology.

Why Digital?

Voice Digitization.

Digital Transmission and Multiplexing.

Digital Switching.

Digital Modulation and Radio Systems.

Network Synchronization Control and Management.

Fiber Optic Transmission Systems.

Digital Mobile Telephony.

Data and Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks.

Digital Subscriber Access.

Traffic Analysis.



Answers to Selected Problems.

"...strongly recommended for academic libraries serving electrical engineering and telecommunications programs including those owning an earlier edition..." (E-Streams, Vol. 4, No. 5, 2001)

"...provides the reader with the opportunity to review the entire area of telephony and digital telephony in particular." (New Books and Multimedia, January 2001)