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Digital and Analog Fiber Optic Communication for CATV and FTTx Applications

Digital and Analog Fiber Optic Communication for CATV and FTTx Applications

Avigdor Brillant

ISBN: 978-0-470-26276-4

May 2008

1000 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The digital age has driven the need to combine radio-frequency engineering experience with overall high-speed digital design, as well as the need for an overall understanding of system performance. In some advanced designs, both analog and digital disciplines have to exist and operate in the same space, and with the correct design, high performance is possible.

This book is intended to provide a step-by-step guide to all aspects and tradeoffs from theory to application for fiber-optics transceiver electronics. Presenting a thorough compendium of information in a structured way, this book enables the engineer to develop a methodical design approach, a deep understanding of specifications parameters and the reasons behind them, as well as their effects and consequences on system performance, which are essential for proper component design. Further, a fundamental understanding of RF, digital circuit design, and linear and nonlinear phenomena is important in order to achieve the desired performance levels. Becoming familiar with solid-state devices and passives used to build optical receivers and transmitters is also important so one can effectively overcome design limitations.

The book is organized into six main sections covering the following subjects:

  • System Overview
  • Semiconductors and Passives
  • RF and Control Concepts
  • Introduction to CATV MODEM and Transmitters
  • Digital Transceiver Performance
  • Integration and Testing

Constants and Symbols.



Part 1: System Overview.

1. WDM, Fiber to the X, and HFC Systems: A Technical Review.

2. Basic Structure of Optical Transceivers.

3. Introduction to ATV Standards and Concepts of Operation.

Part 2: Semiconductors and Passives.

4. Introduction to Optical Fiber and Passive Optical Fiber Components.

5. Optics, Modules, and Lenses.

6. Semiconductor Laser Diode Fundamentals.

7. Laser Dynamics: External Modulation for CATV and Fast Data Rates.

8. Photodetectors.

Part 3: RF and Control Concepts.

9. Basic RF Definitions and IMD Effects on TV Picture.

10. Introduction to Receiver Front-End Noise Modeling.

11. Amplifier Analysis and Design Concepts.

12. AGC Topologies and Concepts.

13. Laser Power and Temperature Control Loops.

Part 4: Introduction to CATV MODEM and Transmitters.

14. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) in CATV Optical Transmitters.

15. Introduction to CATV MODEM.

16. Linearization Techniques.

17. System Link Budget Calculation and Impairment Aspects.

Part 5: Digital Transceiver Performance.

18. Introduction to Digital Data Signals and Design Constraints.

19. Transceivers and tunable Wavelength Transceiver Modules.

Part 6: Integration and Testing.

20. Cross-talk Isolation.

21. Test Setups.