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Dim Sum Bonds: The Offshore Renminbi (RMB)-Denominated Bonds

Dim Sum Bonds: The Offshore Renminbi (RMB)-Denominated Bonds

Hung-Gay Fung, Glenn Chi-Wo Ko, Jot Yau

ISBN: 978-1-118-83959-1 January 2014 208 Pages


A comprehensive guide to understanding and assimilating into dim sum bond markets

The expansive growth of the dim sum bond market in the last five years has peaked investor interest and inspired companies to seek out investing opportunities that negate China's capital controls. In a four-pronged approach, Dim Sum Bonds examines the development of the dim sum bond market and its role in China's RMB internationalization policy, characteristics of dim sum bonds and its market, investors' investment objectives and the investment performance of dim sum bonds, motivations of issuers, and underwriters' roles in the dim sum bond market. You will familiarize yourself with every aspect of the dim sum bond market from an issuer, an investor, and an underwriter's perspective. Academics, financial advisors, investment bankers, underwriters, investors, and policy makers should not be without this informative and detailed guide to the offshore market central to China's internationalization of RMB.

  • Written by Hung-Gay Fung, Glenn Chi-Wo Ko, and Jot Yau, all of whom are experts on the dim sum bond market
  • Explains the rapidly expanding dim sum bond market and puts readers ahead of the curve
  • Landmark issues, Chinese banks (China Development Bank), Infrastructure, red-chip companies (Sinotruk), and multinational corporations doing business in China (McDonald’s) are discussed in detail.

Covering landmark issues from a variety of Chinese and multinational corporations, Dim Sum Bonds provides must-read manual to understanding the vast opportunities of this up-and-coming market.

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xvi

List of Acronyms and Key Terms xvii

Chapter 1
New Market—Developments, Opportunities, and Challenges 1

1.1 Introduction 1

1.2 Overview of the Dim Sum Bond Market 6

1.3 Policies Supporting the Growth of Offshore Renminbi 8

Chapter 2
Offshore RMB-Denominated Bonds—Dim Sum Bonds 21

2.1 Definition 21

2.2 Bond Issue Characteristics 24

2.3 Conclusion 46

Chapter 3
Issuers 49

3.1 Issuers 50

3.2 Classification of Issuers by Type of Organization 52

3.3 Classification of Issuers by Industry 60

3.4 Classification of Issuers by Domicile and by Deal Nationality 63

3.5 Motivations behind Issuers 67

3.6 Conclusion 75

Chapter 4
Investors 79

4.1 Investor Type and Mix 80

4.2 Motivation 82

4.3 Risk/Return Analysis 86

4.4 Conclusion 98

Chapter 5
Investment Banks and the Dim Sum Bond Issuing Process 101

5.1 Dim Sum Bond Issuing Process 101

5.2 Primary Issues 104

5.3 Bookrunner/Manager Rankings 116

5.4 Bond Issuing Fees 118

5.5 Retail versus Institutional Tranches 118

5.6 Conclusion 119

Chapter 6
Case Studies of Landmark Issues 121

6.1 Landmark Issues 121

6.2 Case 1: The First Dim Sum Bond and the First Chinese Financial Institution Issuer—China Development Bank (and the First 15-Year and 20-Year Bonds) 126

6.3 Case 2: The First Dim Sum Bond Issued by a China-Incorporated Foreign Bank—The Bank of East Asia (China) Limited 131

6.4 Case 3: The First Dim Sum Bond Issued by the Chinese Central Government 135

6.5 Case 4: The First Dim Sum Bond Issued by a Foreign Multinational Corporation—McDonald’s Corporation 137

6.6 Case 5: The First Dim Sum Bonds Issued by a Supranational Agency—Asian Development Bank (and the First 10-Year Dim Sum Bond) 142

6.7 Case 6: The First Dim Sum Bonds Issued by a Chinese Company, Incorporated Outside Mainland China and
Listed in Hong Kong (Red-Chip Corporation)—Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Limited 145

6.8 Case 7: The First Mainland Chinese Corporation Listed in Hong Kong (H-share) Issuer of Dim Sum Bonds—Beijing Capital Land Ltd. 149

6.9 Case 8: The First PRC-listed (A-Share) Issuer of Dim Sum Bonds—Gemdale Corporation 153

6.10 Conclusion 157

Chapter 7
Conclusion 159

7.1 Review and Preview of the Development and Growth of the Dim Sum Bond Market 159

7.2 Market Participants 166

7.3 Ongoing Developments Affecting the Dim Sum

Bond Market 174

7.4 Final Remarks 176

About the Authors 179

Index 181