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Disaster Rules

Rob Russell, Timothy J. Hodgetts, Peter F. Mahoney, Nicholas Castle

ISBN: 978-1-405-19378-8 December 2010 BMJ Books 176 Pages



The 80 rules you need to prepare for action in a medical disaster

Here are 80 disaster management rules to reflect on, remember and follow in the immediate aftermath of an incident involving mass casualties. Each rule is a single-page long, providing the essential information to inform the most common critical decisions you will have to make in either a civilian or military environment.

Written by clinicians with deep clinical and operational experience, these rules are concise evidence-based guidelines for all medical personnel dealing with disasters at the scene or in hospital. Based on the Major Incident Medical Management and Support system widely adopted in the UK, mainland Europe, Australasia and NATO, they are both authoritative and effective.


Chapter 1 Golden Rules.

Chapter 2 Command and Control Rules.

Chapter 3 Safety Rules.

Chapter 4 Communication Rules.

Chapter 5 Assessment Rules.

Chapter 6 Triage Rules.

Chapter 7 Treatment Rules.

Chapter 8 Transport Rules.

Chapter 9 Hospital Rules.

Chapter 10 Mass Gatherings Rules.

Chapter 11 Special Incidents Rules.

Chapter 12 The Last Rule.


"In twelve short chapters, this excellent and concise pocke-sized book presents 80 ‘disaster rules' concerning triage after chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents". (Emergency Nurse, 1 March 2011)