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Discovering Calculus with Maple®, 2nd Edition

Discovering Calculus with Maple®, 2nd Edition

Kent Harris, Robert J. Lopez

ISBN: 978-0-471-00973-3

Jan 1995

352 pages

Select type: Paperback


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This substantially illustrated manual describes how to use Maple as an investigative tool to explore calculus concepts numerically, graphically, symbolically and verbally. Every chapter begins with Maple commands employed in the chapter, an introduction to the mathematical concepts being covered, worked examples in Maple worksheet format, followed by thought-provoking exercises and extensive discovery projects to encourage readers to investigate ideas on their own.
Getting Started.

Functions and Limits.


Applications of the Derivative.


Applications of the Definite Integral.

Logarithmic and Exponential Functions.

Inverse Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions.

Integration Exact and Approximate.

Improper Integrals: Sequences and Infinite Series.

Analytic Geometry.

Polar Coordinates and Parametric Equations.

Vectors and Three Dimensional Space.

Vector Functions.

Partial Derivatives.

Multiple Integrals.

Topics in Vector Calculus.

Second-Order Differential Equations.