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Diseases of Swine, 10th Edition

Diseases of Swine, 10th Edition

Jeffrey J. Zimmerman (Editor), Locke A. Karriker (Editor), Alejandro Ramirez (Editor), Kent J. Schwartz (Editor), Gregory W. Stevenson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-34714-0

Feb 2012, Wiley-Blackwell

1008 pages



First published in 1958, Diseases of Swine, Tenth Edition is a fully revised and updated version of this classic reference. Now published in association with the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, the Tenth Edition adds new knowledge throughout in a reorganized format to provide more intuitive access to information. With chapters written by more than 150 of the foremost experts in the field, Diseases of Swine remains the premier source of comprehensive information on swine production, health, and management for swine health specialists of all disciplines and at any level of expertise, including veterinarians, researchers, and students.

Featuring a new content organization designed for improved navigability, the Tenth Edition adds chapters on the cardiovascular system, diagnostic tests and test performance, food safety and zoonotic diseases, show and pet pigs, and the most current information on both long-recognized and emerging pathogens. Diseases of Swine, Tenth Edition is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in swine health.

List of Tables viii

Contributing Authors xiii

Editors' Note xxiii


1 Herd Evaluation 5

2 Differential Diagnosis of Diseases 18

3 Behavior and Welfare 32

4 Longevity in Breeding Animals 50

5 Effect of the Environment on Health 60

6 Optimizing Diagnostic Value and Sample Collection 67

7 Diagnostic Tests, Test Performance, and Considerations for Interpretation 77

8 Analysis and Use of Diagnostic Data 94

9 Drug Pharmacology, Therapy, and Prophylaxis 106

10 Anesthesia and Surgical Procedures in Swine 119

11 Disease Transmission and Biosecurity 141

12 Preharvest Food Safety,

13 Special Considerations for Show and Pet Pigs 179


14 Cardiovascular and Hematopoietic Systems 189

15 Digestive System 199

16 Immune System 227

17 Integumentary System: Skin, Hoof, and Claw 251

18 Mammary System 270

19 Nervous and Locomotor Systems 294

20 Diseases of the Reproductive System 329

21 Respiratory System 348

22 Urinary System 363


23 Overview of Viruses 383

24 Porcine Adenoviruses 392

25 African Swine Fever Virus 396

26 Porcine Circoviruses 405

27 Porcine Anelloviruses 418

28 Herpesviruses 421

29 Porcine Parvovirus 447

30 Swinepox Virus 456

31 Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (Porcine Arterivirus) 461

32 Porcine Astroviruses 487

33 Bunyaviruses 490

34 Porcine Caliciviruses 493

35 Coronaviruses 501

36 Filovirus 525

37 Flaviviruses 528

38 Pestiviruses 538

39 Hepatitis E Virus 554

40 Influenza Virus 557

41 Paramyxoviruses 572

42 Picornaviruses 587

43 Reoviruses (Rotaviruses and Reoviruses) 621

44 Retroviruses 635

45 Rhabdoviruses 639

46 Togaviruses 644


47 Overview of Bacteria 649

48 Actinobacillosis 653

49 Bordetellosis 670

50 Brachyspiral Colitis 680

51 Brucellosis 697

52 Clostridiosis 709

53 Colibacillosis 723

54 Erysipelas 750

55 Glässer’s Disease 760

56 Leptospirosis 770

57 Mycoplasmosis 779

58 Pasteurellosis 798

59 Proliferative Enteropathy 811

60 Salmonellosis 821

61 Staphylococcosis 834

62 Streptococcosis 841

63 Tuberculosis 856

64 Miscellaneous Bacterial Infections 866


65 External Parasites 885

66 Coccidia and Other Protozoa 895

67 Internal Parasites: Helminths 908


68 Nutrient Deficiencies and Excesses 923

69 Mycotoxins in Grains and Feeds 938

70 Toxic Minerals, Chemicals, Plants, and Gases 953

Index 968

 “The content of the book is outstanding and quite current.  The overall theme of the book as well as the listing of several new pathogens provides tremendous information on potential emerging disease situations.  The flow of the book is outstanding, starting with the informative chapter on herd evaluation.  I highly recommend this book as an outstanding reference to anyone associated with modern swine production, especially practitioners.”  (Journal of The American Veterinary Medical Association, 16 September 2012)

“This book has been extensively rewritten with many new contributors adding to the wealth of global knowledge . . . The book is rather US-biased in its authorship but , despite this , the 10th edition is an essential addition to the library of any veterinary surgeon , adviser to the pig industry or serious farmer who deals with pigs.”  (Veterinary Record, 17 November 2012)

“This is the primary reference on swine disease management for veterinarians and students. As the only complete, current reference, it is a must-have for people working in this area.”  (Doody’s, 14 September 2012)


  • Detailed, comprehensive coverage of swine production, health, and management
  • Presented in a more navigable format, with improved consistency and chapter organization, an expanded index, and a complete list of tables
  • Authored and edited by internationally recognized experts in their fields
  • Includes new chapters on the cardiovascular system, diagnostic tests and test performance, food safety and zoonotic diseases, show and pet pigs, and newly emerged pathogens
  • Now published in association with the American Association of Swine Veterinarians