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Disinfection of Root Canal Systems: The Treatment of Apical Periodontitis

Disinfection of Root Canal Systems: The Treatment of Apical Periodontitis

Nestor Cohenca (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-91401-4 November 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 376 Pages


Clean root canal systems are essential for successful endodontic treatment. With contributions from leading endodontists from around the world, Dr. Nestor Cohenca here presents the etiology of endodontic disease caused by the endodontic biofilm and all therapies available to predictably disinfect the root canal system, thus increasing successful endodontic outcomes.

Disinfection of Root Canal Systems: The Treatment of Apical Periodontitis is an evidence-based manual that describes root canal anatomy, the endodontic biofilm, and the role of disinfection before presenting the most up-to-date methods of irrigation and disinfection. Individual chapters are devoted to each method, such as positive pressure irrigation, apical negative pressure irrigation, sonic activation, photodynamic therapy, laser technology, and ozonization and electrochemical activation. Clinical photographs throughout show proper irrigation and disinfection techniques.

Contributors vii

Introduction ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Part 1: Background 1

1 Root Canal Infection and Endodontic Apical Disease 3
Nestor Cohenca and Ana Maria González Amaro

2 The Anatomy of the Root Canal System as a Challenge to Effective Disinfection 15
Eric Herbranson

3 Biofilms in Root Canal Infections 29
Christine M. Sedgley and Rogério de Castilho Jacinto

4 Efficacy of Root Canal Disinfection 57
Ashraf F. Fouad

5 Impact of Root Canal Disinfection on Treatment Outcome 71
James D. Johnson and Natasha M. Flake

Part 2: Nonsurgical Intracanal Disinfection 89

6 Shaping the Root Canal System to Promote Effective Disinfection 91
Ove A. Peters and Frank Paqué

7 Topical Disinfectants for Root Canal Irrigation 109
Bettina Basrani and Markus Haapasalo

8 Fluid Dynamics of Irrigation within the Root Canal System 141
Franklin R. Tay

9 Positive Pressure Irrigation 169
Cesar de Gregorio, Carlos Heilborn, and Nestor Cohenca

10 Apical Negative Pressure Irrigation (ANP) 189
Nestor Cohenca, Cesar de Gregorio, and Avina Paranjpe

11 Disinfection of the Root Canal System by Sonic, Ultrasonic, and Laser Activated Irrigation 217
Luc van der Sluis, Bram Verhaagen, Ricardo Macedo, and Michel Versluis

12 Ozonization and Electrochemical Root Canal Disinfection 239
Roberta Pileggi

13 Intracanal Medication in Root Canal Disinfection 247
Lea Assed Bezerra da Silva, Raquel Assed Bezerra da Silva, Paulo Nelson-Filho, and Nestor Cohenca

14 Emerging Technologies in Root Canal Disinfection 277
Anil Kishen, Annie Shrestha, and Nestor Cohenca

Part 3: Apical Response and Surgery 297

15 Healing of Apical Lesions: How Do They Heal,Why Does the Healing Take So Long, and Why Do Some Lesions Fail to Heal? 299
Zvi Metzger and Anda Kfir

16 Surgical Endodontics: The Complimentary Approach 319
Richard Rubinstein and Alireza Aminlari

Index 341