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Disorders of Fluency, 2nd Edition

Disorders of Fluency, 2nd Edition

Peggy Dalton, William J. Hardcastle

ISBN: 978-1-871-38107-8

Aug 1991

196 pages

Select type: Paperback


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General Preface.

Preface to the first edition.

Preface to the second edition.

Part One.

1. The problem of fluency.

2. Some aspects of a preliminary model of speech production.

3. Some speech variables involved in an evaluation of fluency.

4. Developments in linguistic profiling of stuttering.

Part Two.

5. Stuttering: theories as to its nature and causes.

6. Developmental aspects of stuttering.

7. Stuttering in adults.

8. Cluttering and disfluency of organic origin.

9. Some indications for future work.

10. Developments in the understanding of stuttering and cluttering.