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Display Phosphors

Display Phosphors

Ravilisetty Rao, Munisamy Anandan

ISBN: 978-1-118-44263-0

Mar 2020

350 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Display Phosphors is a comprehensive study of the principles and methods of synthesis and characterization, and application of display phosphors. This book will cover various aspects of display phosphors including, luminescence phenomenon, synthesis, characterization, manufacturing, and integration of phosphors into various display devices including emissive and non emissive displays (CCFL-lit LCDs, LED-lit LCDs, OLED-lit LCDs and PDPs). 

  • Provides a timely guide to the vast potential of display phosphors for the development and mass manufacture of power efficient displays.
  • Offers an insight in to the science and technology of phosphors and explores their role in promoting the invention of new displays, improvement of existing displays and mass manufacturing of displays with enhanced performance.
  • Helps readers to understand the role of phosphors in display design, development and manufacturing.
  • Describes in detail the role of phosphors in different types of displays.
  • Advises how to improve the performance of a given display by selecting suitable phosphors.
  • Acts as a single source reference to the topic of display phosphors.

Essential reading for Scientists, engineers and managers involved in development of displays; technicians, managers, and investors involved in manufacturing of displays.