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Display Systems: Design and Applications

Display Systems: Design and Applications

Lindsay MacDonald (Editor), Anthony C. Lowe (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-95870-3

Jul 1997

446 pages

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A current overview of Display Systems, written by recognised experts in the field. This book gives practical guidance on the latest technological developments and new application areas of displays which will enable the reader to gain an understanding of the current state of the art as well as the major trends that will shape future applications of displays and display systems.

Display Systems offers an insight into display technology with a view to defining its best potential, by focusing on performance assessment and optimum utilisation. It brings together complimentary disciplines of design, hardware and usage, covering a wide range of developments, and is written by leading international experts.

The book is divided into three sections: (1) requirements for display systems, covering topics such as applications and evaluation; (2) display technology, covering developments in flat panel displays as well as CRT s; and (3) display characterisation, including measurement techniques and colour specification. Also covered are ergonomic requirements for display systems and their mutual dependence on standards.

The book will be welcomed by scientists, technologists and engineers active in the field and also by the developers of a wide range of systems and applications for displays. Its technical content is suitable for final year undergraduate or postgraduate study.

The Society for Information Display (SID) is an international society which has the aim of encouraging the development of all aspects of the field of information display. Indeed, it is the only international society dedicated solely to this field, which is broad and inter disciplinary, not only in the scientific sense, but through development and manufacturing to marketing. Wiley SID Series in Display Technology This volume is the first in the series which aims to present a comprehensive technical discussion of the many disciplines which must be combined in the development of display systems.

Partial table of contents:


How Applications Have Driven Display Requirements (C. Machover).

Display Requirements for Desktop Electronic Imaging (L. MacDonald).

Estimation of the Visibility of Small Image Features on a VDU (D. Bosman).


Matching Display Technology to the Application (A. Lowe).

The Structure, Performance and Future of Passive Matrix LCDs (A. Mosley).

Projection Systems (P. Candry).


Measurement and Standardisation in the Colorimetry of CRT Displays (A. Hanson).

Evaluating Stereoscopic Displays for 3D Imagery (T. Bardsley & I. Sexton).