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Disturbances in Geospace: The Storm-Substorm Relationship

Disturbances in Geospace: The Storm-Substorm Relationship

A. Surjalal Sharma (Editor), Yohsuke Kamide (Editor), Gurbax S. Lakhina (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66577-0

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

288 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 142.

Advancing our knowledge of the Sun-Earth connection and our capabilities to predict conditions in near-Earth geospace has captured the attention of geospace, solar and other scientists, prompting initiatives in many countries. These advances rely heavily on our understanding of the coupling processes between the solar wind and magnetosphere, such as geomagnetic storms and substorms. In this regard, the science of the storm-substorm relationship is not an end in itself, but a critical step in unveiling the Sun-Earth connection.
Sidney Chapman (1889–1970) was a pioneer in the study of the influence of the Sun on geospace. In fact, it was he who first coined the term “substorms” to describe the many intense disturbances that occur during a magnetic storm. Chapman also provided us with a comprehensive view of the relationship between storms and substorms. Since Chapman's initial work, our understanding has undergone vast changes. The classical notion of substorms as building blocks of storms has evolved, allowing us to note complex synergies between storms, substorms, and convection enhancements in the magnetosphere.

A. Surjalal Sharma, Yohsuke Kamide, and Gurbax S. Lakhina vii

Panel Overview

Storm-Substorm Relationship: Current Understanding and Outlook
A. S. Sharma, D. N. Baker, M. Grande, Y. Kamide, G. S. Lakhina, R. M. McPherron, G. D. Reeves,
G. Rostoker, R. Vondrak, and L. Zelenyi 1

How Storms and Substorms Respond to Solar Wind Driver

Effects of Solar Wind Density on the Auroral Electrojets and Global Auroras During Geomagnetic Storms
Y. Kamide, J.-H. Shue, and M. Brittnacher 15

A Lack of Substorm Expansion Phases During Magnetic Storms Induced by Magnetic Clouds
B. T. Tsurutani, X.-Y. Zhou, and W. D. Gonzalez 23

Magnetic Storms in the Magneto tail

Storm-time and Quiet-time Substorms in the Magnetotail
A. A. Petrukovich 37

High Time Resolution Observations of Magnetospheric Disturbances During Auroral Activity
M. O. Fillingim, C. K. Parks, R. P. Lin, M. McCarthy, and A. Szabo 45

Substorms, Storms, and the Storm-Time Plasma Sheet
Wolfgang Baumjohann, Rumi Nakamura, Rainer Schodel, and Kai Dierschke 55

Storm-Substorm Relationships in the Inner Magnetosphere

0 + Transport into the Ring Current: Storm versus Substorm
A. Korth, R. H. W. Friedel, M. G. Henderson, F. Frutos-Alfaro, and C. G. Mouikis 59

What is the Effect of Substorms on the Ring Current Ion Population During a Geomagnetic Storm?
M. Grande, C. H. Perry, A. Hall, J. Fennell, R. Nakamura, and Y. Kamide 75

IMAGE, POLAR, and Geosynchronous Observations of Substorm and Ring Current Ion Injection
G. D. Reeves, M. C. Henderson, R. M. Skoug, M. F. Thomsen, J. E. Borovsky, H. O. Funsten,
P. C:son Brandt, D. J. Mitchell, J.-M. Jahn, C. ) . Pollock, D. J. McComas, and S. B. Mende 91

Storm-Substorm Relationships During the 4 October, 2000 Storm. IMAGE Global ENA Imaging Results
Pontus C:son Brandt, Donald G. Mitchell, Robert Demajistre, Edmond C. Roelof, Shin Ohtani, Jorg-Micha Jahn, Craig Pollock, and Geoff Reeves 103

The Role of Substorms in Storm-time Particle Acceleration
Ioannis A. Daglis and Yohsuke Kamide 119

Modeling the Magnetosphere

Role of Plasma Instabilities Driven by Oxygen Ions During Magnetic Storms and Substorms
C. S. Lakhina and S. V. Singh 131

The Relationship of Storms and Substorms Determined From Mid-latitude Ground-based Magnetic Maps
C. Robert Clauer, Michael W. Liemohn, Janet U. Kozyra, and Michelle L. Reno 143

A Wavelet Analysis of Storm-substorm Relationships
W. B. Cade III, J. J. Sojka, L Zhu, and Y. Kamide 159

Response of Ionosphere and Atmosphere to Storm-time Substorms

Energetics of Isolated and Storm Time Substorms
N. 0stgaard and E. Tanskanen 169

Equatorial lonosphere-Thermosphere System During Geomagnetic Storms
J. Hanumath. Sastri, R. Sridharan, and Tarun Kumar Pant 185

Structure of Turbulent Irregularities in High-Latitude Plasma Patches—3D Nonlinear Simulations
N. A. Gondarenko and P. N. Guzdar 205

Space Weather and Related Issues

Relativistic Electron Flux Enhancements During Strong Geomagnetic Activity
D. N. Baker and X. Li 217

Modeling the Magnetosphere Using Time Series Data
A. S. Sharma, A. Y. Ukhorskiy, M. I. Sitnov, and J. A. Valdivia 231

Comments on Some Long-Standing Problems in Storm/Substorm Studies
S.-l. Akasofu, W. Sun, and B.-H. Ahn 243

Measurement Strategies for Future Missions to Understand Geospace Dynamics
R. Vondrak, J. Slavin, L. Zelenyi, M. Guhathakurta, S. Curtis, and B. Tsurutani 255