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Diversity Awareness Profile (DAP), 2nd Edition

Karen M. Stinson

ISBN: 978-0-787-98813-5 July 2012 Pfeiffer 6 Pages


First published in 1991, the Diversity Awareness Profile, commonly known as DAP, is a self-assessment tool that has helped millions of individuals in organizations improve working relationships among diverse co-workers and customers by increasing the awareness of their behavior toward people and how it affects them and how individual’s behavior affects others.

Now in its second edition, the DAP continues to be grounded on hard data gathered in a series of focus groups, interviews, and thousands of diversity training sessions over the past twenty years. This 6-page assessment can be bought as a stand-alone profile, or with the fully-revised second edition of the DAP Facilitator’s Guide, which walks facilitators through the process of preparing, administering, and debriefing the DAP.

The DAP will be a valuable tool that can help your organization:

  • start a diversity training program
  • improve upon an existing program
  • gauge diversity awareness and the necessity of action within your organization
  • transform your diverse workforce from a liability to a strategic advantage

The DAP will be invaluable to your employees by helping them to:

  • become more aware of their behaviors and actions, whether obvious or subtle
  • evaluate and understand how their behavior can affect a person of a different culture, gender, or ethnic background
  • modify their behaviors and find the path toward respect for all people

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This item: Diversity Awareness Profile (DAP), 2nd Edition

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This item: Diversity Awareness Profile (DAP), 2nd Edition

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Before You Start.

History of the DAP.



Preparing to Administer the DAP.

Materials Needed.

Overview of the Facilitator's Guide.

Purpose of the DAP.

Administering the DAP.





Change Agent.


Questions and Answers.

Action Plan.

PowerPoint Text.

About the Author.