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Diversity and Motivation: Culturally Responsive Teaching in College, 2nd Edition

Diversity and Motivation: Culturally Responsive Teaching in College, 2nd Edition

Margery B. Ginsberg, Raymond J. Wlodkowski

ISBN: 978-0-787-99611-6

Apr 2009, Jossey-Bass

464 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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When the first edition of Diversity and Motivation was published in 1995, it became a premier resource for faculty and administrators seeking effective and practical strategies that foster motivation among culturally diverse student groups.

This revised and updated second edition of Diversity and Motivation offers a comprehensive understanding of teaching methods that promote respect, relevance, engagement, and academic success. Margery B. Ginsberg and Raymond J. Wlodkowski base their insights and concrete suggestions on their experiences and research as college faculty.

The book defines norms, illustrates practices, and provides tools to develop four foundational conditions for intrinsically motivated learning: establishing inclusion, developing a positive attitude, enhancing meaning, and engendering competence. The authors provide perspectives on the social justice implications of each condition.

Diversity and Motivation includes resources to help educators create a supportive community of learners, facilitate equitable discussions in linguistically diverse classrooms, design engaging lessons, and assess students fairly. The ideas in this book apply across disciplines and include teaching practices that can be easily adapted to a range of postsecondary settings.

In addition, the authors include a cohesive approach to syllabus construction, lesson design, and faculty development. This new edition also contains a framework for motivating students outside traditional classroom settings.

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The Authors.

1. Understanding Relationships Between Culture and Motivation to Learn.

2. Establishing Inclusion.

3. Developing Attitude.

4. Enhancing Meaning.

5. Engendering Competence.

6. Implementing a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.


Resource A: Charting Insights from Lesson Study.

Resource B: Working with a Faculty Team to Introduce the Motivational Framework.

Resource C: The Motivational Framework.

Resource D: The Motivational Framework Lesson Plan.

Resource E: Facilitating Equitable Discussions Within a Multicultural Classroom.

Resource F: Effective Lecturing Within a Multicultural Classroom.

Resource G: Providing Written Feedback to Students in a Multicultural Classroom.

Resource H: Cooperative Lesson Worksheet.

Resource I: Inclusion, Attitude, Meaning, and Competence Rubrics.

Resource J: Peer Coaching Rubrics.

Resource K: Evaluating the Motivational Conditions of a Class.


Name Index.

Subject Index.