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Do Good Well: Your Guide to Leadership, Action, and Social Innovation

Do Good Well: Your Guide to Leadership, Action, and Social Innovation

Nina Vasan, Jennifer Przybylo

ISBN: 978-1-118-38294-3 March 2013 Jossey-Bass 576 Pages


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Written with a fresh voice and a dash of humor, Do Good Well is an exciting and readily adaptable guide to social innovation that not only captures the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of our time, but also harnesses the insights, wisdom, and down-to-earth experience of today’s most accomplished young leaders. Do Good Well offers a winning combination of theory, anecdote, and application, giving you the framework you need to make an impact next door or across the world.

The authors present a 12-step process that empowers readers to act on their passions and concerns. This process is organized into three parts: Do What Works, Work Together, and Make It Last. They offer specific guidance for following the process through practical and prescriptive actions such building organizations, joining boards, applying for funding, creating partnerships with organizations that have similar goals, organizing conferences, and publicizing events. The book incorporates accounts of young people in action, and always reinforces the message that social innovation can be a lifestyle, made up of efforts small and large. It is not an all-or nothing proposition, and anyone can affect social change.

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Preface: The Spirit of Community vii

Thank-Yous xiii

About the Authors xv

Introduction 1

PART 1 The Vision 11

1 Know Yourself 13

2 Know Your World 28

3 Identify a Problem 46

4 Understand the Problem 57

5 Brainstorm Solutions 67

PART 2 TheMethod 81

Step 1: DO WHAT WORKS 83

6 Design a Systemic Solution 85

7 Build on What Works 94

8 Measure, Evaluate, Improve, Repeat 101

9 Challenge What Works, Innovate, Keep What Works 110


10 Balance Strengthening and Starting 121

11 Cultivate Community Ownership 128

12 Foster Team Unity 135

13 Forge Partnerships 140

Step 3: MAKE IT LAST 147

14 Start Small, Then Scale What Works 149

15 Engineer Self-Sustainable Solutions 156

16 Integrate Social Entrepreneurship 165

17 Share What Works 173

18 The Method in Action 179

PART 3 The Tools 197

Step 1: DO WHAT WORKS: Proven Strategies to Increase Your Impact 199

19 What Works in Choosing a Name 200

20 What Works in Writing a Mission Statement 208

21 What Works in Goals and Planning 219

22 What Works in Fundraising 231

23 What Works in Media and Marketing 261

24 What Works in Activism 280

25 What Works in Educational Curricula 299

26 What Works When Running for Office 317

27 Do What’s Right 326

Step 2: WORK TOGETHER: Start and Strengthen Meaningful Relationships 335

28 Find Mentors 336

29 Build a Team 350

30 Optimize Communication 373

31 Create Partnerships 386

32 Organize a Conference 406

33 Serve on a Board 418

34 Develop Community Ownership 429

Step 3: MAKE IT LAST: Add Value and Sustain Success 442

35 Apply Social Entrepreneurship 443

36 Revitalize Your Efforts 456

37 Transition Leadership 469

38 Incorporate as a Business 479

39 Incorporate as a Nonprofit 488

40 Incorporate Reflection 497

41 Make Social Responsibility a Career 506

42 Make Social Responsibility a Lifestyle 520

Notes 531

Index 541