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Do I Need to See the Doctor?: The Home-Treatment Encyclopedia - Written by Medical Doctors, 2nd Edition

Do I Need to See the Doctor?: The Home-Treatment Encyclopedia - Written by Medical Doctors, 2nd Edition

Brian Murat, Greg Stewart, John Rea

ISBN: 978-0-470-15972-9

Apr 2013

224 pages

Select type: Paperback


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"Do I Need to See the Doctor? belongs in every household.... Its beauty lies in its simplicity; this book is about empowerment."
Ed Buffett, Chairman, Wellness Councils of Canada

With easy-to-follow flow charts and photographs, colour-coded chapters and over 70 health issues, Do I Need to See the Doctor offers Canadian parents the very best kind of support: peace of mind. Late-night fever? Sudden ear ache? Just flip open the book and follow the coloured flow charts. Parents will find a detailed, at-home care guide, as well as medical doctors’ advice on when to be treated by a professional. Now you can rest assured that you know the very best ways to take care of your family’s health needs, as well as exactly when to get help from a doctor or medical professional.

Better yet, because you have followed the same step-by-step treatment plan that doctors use, your arrival at the hospital or doctor’s office is always warranted. This means fewer trips to the doctor, shorter wait times at the hospital, as well as professional guidance for you at home – this book truly is a must-have for every Canadian home, summer camp, school and cottage.

Inside, you will find at-home treatments for your entire family, through every age and stage:

  • Newborn Health Care                   
  • Baby and Toddler Care                               
  • Special Topics for New Moms
  • Topics for All Ages     
  • Special Topics for Teens

Mental and Emotional Health Care for the Whole Family

The Family Medicine Chest 2

How to use this book 3

Fever 4

Topics for Mother and Newborn Child

Breast-feeding 8

Formula or Bottle-feeding 13

Feeding beyond Breast or Bottle 14

Jaundice 15

Umbilical Cord Care 17

Diaper Rash 18

Crying 20

Runny Eyes 22

Runny Nose 24

Cough 26

Skin Conditions 28

Immunization 31

Development/Growth 34

Topics for Mothers of Newborns

Bleeding Post-partum 38

Fever after Childbirth 40

Care of Your Episiotomy, Wound or Vaginal Tears 42

After Pains 44

Breast Pain 46

Mothers Constipated 47

Leg Pains and Cramps 49

Birth Control and Sexual Health 51

Post-partum Blues or Depression 53

Topics for Children

Fever 56

Cough and Cold and "the Flu" 59

Sore Throat 63

Earache 66

Vomiting or "the Stomach Flu" 70

Diarrhea 75

Constipation 79

Toilet Training 83

Special Topics for Teenagers

Acne 86

Starting Menstruation 89

Topics for Adults

Fever 94

Cough and Cold and "the Flu" 96

Sore Throat 99

Earache 102

Vomiting or "the Stomach Flu" 106

Diarrhea 100

Constipation 114

Problems with Urination 118

Sexual Dysfunction 124

Topics for All Ages

Conjunctivitis or "Pink Eye" 128

Heartburn 131

Bee Stings or Insects Bites 134

Strains and Sprains of the Limbs 137

Scrapes and Abrasions 140

Superficial Burns 143

Sunburn 146

Shortness of Breath 149

Asthma 153

Emotional or Mental Health

Depression 157

Substance Abuse 160

Anxiety Disorders 163

Psychotic Illness 166

Domestic Violence and Abuse 167

Problems with Sleep 169

Memory Problems and Dementia 172

General Information

Cold and Allergy Medicines 176

All About Decongestants 176

All About Anthistamines 177

How and When to Use Antibiotics 178

Handwashing 179

Sars, Bird Flu, West Nile Virus and Other Viral Infections 180

Dieting and Weight Loss 182

Exercise 185

Smoking 188

Disease Prevention and Detection 191

Heart Disease and Heart Attack 192

Stroke 193

Prevention of Heart Attack and Stroke 193

Detection and Prevention of Cancer 194

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) 197

Sexually Transmitted Diseases 198

Visual Impairment and Eye Health 199

Diabetes 200

Index 202

About the authors 218