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Dogs on the Beach

Dogs on the Beach

Lara Jo Regan

ISBN: 978-1-682-68168-8

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192 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Lara Jo Regan, who has an astounding ability to capture dogs at the height of play in her photographs, weaves her spell once again with these images of dogs at the sea. If "the irresistible doggies digging the feel of the open road will leave you drooling with delight", as USA Today said about Dogs in Cars, then this second collection will leave you just as happy, if not more so. The beach is a universal symbol of pleasure, and to share it with a four-legged friend is the epitome of joy. Here are dogs racing each other, dogs crouching in wait for a ball to be tossed and dogs sniffing at one another. It's a collection for every dog-lover.