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Doppler Ultrasound: Physics, Instrumentation and Signal Processing, 2nd Edition

Doppler Ultrasound: Physics, Instrumentation and Signal Processing, 2nd Edition

David H. Evans, W. Norman McDicken

ISBN: 978-0-471-97001-9

Feb 2000

456 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Provides the Doppler ultrasound user with a firm grasp of its underlying physical principles.

This book provides a sound theoretical basis for clinical users of Doppler ultrasound, and includes an up-to-date survey of the many new innovations that have been described as potentially useful for detecting, measuring and imaging blood flow.

This latest edition provides a major review of the technical literature on Doppler ultrasound plus two new chapters on Colour Flow Scanners and emerging Doppler techniques. In order to reflect the now widespread use of colour Doppler systems, the number of colour illustrations has substantially increased. The range and breadth of topics covered, ensures that this is an essential reference for Doppler enthusiasts whether from a medical, scientific or technical discipline.


Preface to first Edition.



Blood Flow.

Physics of Ultrasound Propagation.

Doppler Systems: A General Overview.

Ultrasonic Transducers, Fields and Beams.

Signal Detection and Pre-processing: CW and PW Doppler.

The Doppler Power Spectrum.

Doppler Signal Processors: Theoretical Considerations.

Waveform Analysis and Pattern Recognition.

Colour Flow Imaging (CFI) Systems.

Signal Processing for Colour Flow Imaging.

Volumetric Blood Flow Measurement.

Miscellaneous Doppler Techniques.

Safety Considerations in Doppler Ultrasound.