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Double Your Retirement Income: Three Strategies for a Successful Retirment

Double Your Retirement Income: Three Strategies for a Successful Retirment

Peter Mazonas

ISBN: 978-0-471-71401-9

Aug 2005

232 pages

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As corporations and the government continue to shift the responsibility for retirement savings to workers, employees at all economic levels must develop a personal plan to ensure a financially secure retirement. In Double Your Retirement Income, financial professional Peter Mazonas provides readers with the tools and information needed to overcome retirement obstacles. Beginning with a broad overview of the economic realities readers will face, this comprehensive guide helps them take a step back and make an honest assessment of what it’s going to take to retire on their terms. Filled with in-depth insight, expert advice, and illustrative charts and graphs, Double Your Retirement Income shows readers how to effectively manage Defined Contribution Plans, understand Defined Benefit Pension Plans, buy and hold a balanced portfolio of no-load, and much more.

Chapter 1: Facing Reality: What’s It Going to Take to Be Able to Retire?

Chapter 2: Budgeting: Finding New Money to Save for Retirement.

Chapter 3: Two-Income Households: Affording a Home and Retirement While Avoiding Bankruptcy.

Chapter 4: Buying a Home.

Chapter 5: Paying for College with Other People’s Money.

Chapter 6: Your Pension Plan = Your Retirement Lifeline.

Chapter 7: The Winning Investment Strategy for the Twenty-First Century.

Chapter 8: Taxable Investing.

Chapter 9: Retirement Redefined.

Chapter 10: Tips to Remember As You Develop Your Strategy: Your Semiannual Checkups.