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Doubt, Conflict, Mediation: The Anthropology of Modern Time



Doubt, Conflict, Mediation: The Anthropology of Modern Time

Laura Bear

ISBN: 978-1-118-90387-2 May 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 196 Pages


Doubt, Conflict, Mediation is an interdisciplinary examination and reassessment of standard assumptions in social theory about modern time.

  • Rethinks capitalist and neo-liberal conceptions of time from both a sociological and anthropological perspective
  • Blends innovative and rich ethnographic studies from around the world with clear theoretical approaches
  • Examines the timescapes of a variety of institutions and social movements, such as biotech laboratories, civic organizations, planning offices, global sea-trade, urban squatting, and state bureaucracies

Notes on contributors

Introduction: Doubt, conflict, mediation: the anthropology of modern time (Laura Bear)

Economic times

1 Immanent anthropology: a comparative study of ‘process’ in contemporary France (Matt Hodges)

2 Post-industrial times and the unexpected: endurance and sustainability in Germany’s fastest-shrinking city (Fellix Ringel)

3 For labour: Ajeet’s accident and the ethics of technological fixes in time (Laura Bear)

Political times

4 Historical narrative, mundane political time, and revolutionary moments: coexisting temporalities in the lived experience of social movements (Sian Lazar)

5 Rethinking reproductive politics in time, and time in UK reproductive politics: 1978-2008 (Sarah Franklin)

Bureaucratic times

6 The time it takes: temporalities of planning (Simone Abram)

7 The reign of terror of the big cat: bureaucracy and the mediation of social times in the Indian Himalaya (Nayanika Mathur)

8 A wedge of time: futures in the present and presents without futures in Maputo, Mozambique (Morten Nielsen)