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Dow's Chemical Exposure Index Guide

Dow's Chemical Exposure Index Guide

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

ISBN: 978-0-816-90647-5

Aug 1998

44 pages

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Dow Chemical developed the Chemical Exposure Index to help its engineers design and operate safer facilities. This seminal guide to rating the relative acute health hazard potential of a chemical release to workers and the neighboring community is available to the chemical process community. The index uses a methodology for estimating airborne quantity released, which allows for more sophisticated process analyses.

Special Details: Softcover. The Dow Chemical Exposure Index and the Dow Fire and Explosion Index Hazard Classification Guide and the are designed to complement each other, helping engineers evaluate the total hazard potential of new installations These guides are invaluable resources for process design engineers, plant managers, and others involved in the safe design and operation of chemical plants. Don't take your plant's safety analysis only halfway--Purchase both books and take $10 off the combined list price.

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Procedure for Chemical Exposure Index Calculations.

Scenarios for Estimation of Airborne Release Rates.

Emergency Response Planning Guidelines (ERPG) and Dow Emergency Exposure Planning Guideline (EEPG).

Guidelines for Estimating the Amount of Material Becoming Airborne following a Release.

Estimating the Airborne Quantity for Gas Releases.

Estimating Airborne Quantity for Liquid Releases.

CEI and Hazard Distance Calculation.

Chemical Exposure Index Summary Form.


Figure 1. Procedure for Calculation of Chemical Exposure Index (CEI).

Figure 2. Flowchart for Calculating the Airborne Quantity.

Figure 3A. CEI vs. Airborne Quantity (SI Units).

Figure 3B. CEI vs. Airborne Quantity (US/Brit Units).


Table 1. Emergency Response Planning Guidelines: ERPGs/EEPGs.

Table 2A. Physical Property Table for CEI (SI Units).

Table 2B. Physical Property Table for CEI (US/Brit Units).


Appendix 1. Chemical Exposure Index Review Process.

Appendix 2. Containment and Mitigation Checklist.

Appendix 3. Example CEI Calculations (4 examples).

Appendix 4. Chemical Exposure Index for Selected Chemicals for Releases.

for releases from a 2-inch Diameter Hole.