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Dow's Fire and Explosion Index Hazard Classification Guide, 7th Edition

Dow's Fire and Explosion Index Hazard Classification Guide, 7th Edition

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

ISBN: 978-0-470-93819-5

Oct 2010

88 pages


This popular safety best-seller is designed to help the user quantify the expected damage of potential fire and explosion incidents in realistic terms, identify the equipment likely to contribute to the creation or escalation of an incident, and communicate the fire and explosion risk potential to management. Based on Dow's Fire and Explosion Risk Analysis Program, the index provides a step-by-step, objective evaluation of the actual fire and explosion, as well as reactivity potential of process equipment and its contents.

Introduction: The Fire & Explosion Index System.

Procedure for Risk Analysis Calculations.

Selection of Pertinent Process Units.

Determination of Material Factor.

Process Unit Hazards Factors.

General Process Hazards.

Special Process Hazards.

Determination of Processes Unit Hazards Factor.

Determination of Fire and Explosion Index.

Loss Control Credit Factors.

Process Unit Risk Analysis Summary.

Discussion of MPPD, BI and Plant Layout.

Manufacturing Unit Risk Analysis Summary.

Risk Analysis Package.


1. Material Factor Determination Guide.

2. Material Factor Temperature Adjustment.

3. Dust Explosion Penalty.

4. High Pressure Penalty for Flammable and Combustible Liquids.

5. Hot Oil Heat Exchange System Penalty.

6. Degree of Hazard for F&EI.


1. Procedure for Calculating F&EI and Other Risk Analysis Information.

2. Pressure Penalty for Flammable and Combustible Liquids.

3. Liquids or Gases in Process.

4. Liquids or Gases in Storage.

5. Combustible Solids in Storage/Dust in Process.

6. Fired Equipment Penalty.

7. Radius of Exposure.

8. Damage Factor.

9. Maximum Probable Days Outage.


Fire and Explosion Index Form.

Loss Control Credit Factors Form.

Process Unit Risk Analysis Summary Form.

Manufacturing Unit Risk Analysis Summary Form.


A. Material Factors.

B. Special Material Factor Considerations for Mixtures.

C. Basic Preventive and Protective Features.

D. Loss Prevention Checklist.

E. Equations for Damage Factor Data.

F. Acronyms and Abbreviations.