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Drawing Cartoons and Comics For Dummies

Drawing Cartoons and Comics For Dummies

Brian Fairrington

ISBN: 978-0-470-57208-5 July 2009 360 Pages




A unique reference for creating and marketing original cartoons and comics

An original American art form, comics thrill millions of people across the globe. Combining step-by-step instruction with expert tips and advice, Drawing Cartoons & Comics For Dummies is a one-stop reference for creating and marketing original cartoons and comics. While many books tend to focus on specific characters or themes, this thorough guide focuses instead on helping aspiring artists master the basic building blocks of cartoons and comics, revealing step by step how to create everything from wisecracking bunnies to souped-up super villains. It also explores lettering and coloring, and offers expert marketing advice. The book's color insert provides guidance on how to add color to cartoon creations.


Part I: Drawing Inspiration: Getting Started with Cartoons and Comics.

Chapter 1: The Skinny on Cartoons and Comics.

Chapter 2: Looking at the Different Cartooning Genres.

Chapter 3: Getting Your Workspace Ready to Go.

Chapter 4: Starting with the Drawing Basics.

Chapter 5: Coming Up with Ideas.

Part II: Creating Cartoon Characters.

Chapter 6: Starting from the Top.

Chapter 7: From the Neck Down.

Chapter 8: Designing Human Cartoon Characters.

Chapter 9: Giving Inanimate Objects Personality.

Chapter 10: Exploring Anthropomorphism: Creating Animals and Other Creatures That Talk.

Chapter 11: Drafting Editorial Cartoon Characters.

Part III: Cartoon Designs 101: Assembling the Parts.

Chapter 12: Putting Everything in Your Comics in Perspective.

Chapter 13: The Art of Lettering.

Chapter 14: Directing the Scene.

Part IV: Cartooning 2.0: Taking Your Cartoons to the Next Level.

Chapter 15: Cartooning in the Digital Age.

Chapter 16: Making Cartooning Your Livelihood.

Part V: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 17: Ten Steps to a Finished Comic Strip.

Chapter 18: Ten Secrets to Breaking in to a Cartooning Career.