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Drug-Receptor Thermodynamics: Introduction and Applications



Drug-Receptor Thermodynamics: Introduction and Applications

Robert B. Raffa (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-72042-3 June 2001 802 Pages

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Drug-Receptor Thermodynamics is the first book to provide in depth coverage of principles and applications of thermodynamic drug-receptor interactions. The book starts from familiar points, making thermodynamics accessible to anyone interested in how drugs work. The ideas presented cover general principles as well as laying the groundwork for new ways of examining drug action.
* covers an area of increasing interest and relevance in the field of drug design and discovery
* excellent explanation of why thermodynamics is at the heart of drug action
* contributions from many of the worlds leading experts in the field
Anyone interested in drug receptor interaction will find something of use in this book. It will be of particular relevance for pharmacologists, health science researchers and medicinal chemists.

Foreword (R. Tallarida).



Introduction: On the Relevance of Thermodynamics to Pharmacology (R. Raffa).

Mathematical Models of the Drug--Receptor Interaction: Theory of Drug Action (R. Tallarida).
Thermodynamic Concepts: Evolution and Applications (I. Klotz).

A Brief History of Thermodynamics Terminology and Notation (R. Battino).

General Thermodynamic Definitions and Equations (I. Haq, et al.).

Thermodynamic Models of Drug--Receptor Interactions: A General Introduction (G. Klebe, et al.).

Effector--Receptor Interactions: Origin and Development of Energetic Perspectives (I. Klotz).

Measurement of Drug--Receptor Binding Constants (D. Winzor & W. Sawyer).

Heat Capacity in Ligand--Receptor Interactions (V. Pliska)

Early Applications of Thermodynamics to Drug--Receptor Interactions (R. Raffa).


Thermodynamics of Adenosine (A1 and A2A) Receptor Interactions (P. Borea, et al.).

Thermodynamics of Benzodiazepine Receptor Interactions (R. Raffa).
Thermodynamics of Catecholamine Receptor Interactions (G. Weiland).

Thermodynamics of Muscarinic Receptor Interactions (Y. Landry & J.-P. Gies).

Thermodynamics of Nicotonic Receptor Interactions (H. Arias).

Thermodynamics of Ionotropic GABA_A, Glycine and 5-HT_3-type Serotonin Receptor Interactions (G. Maksay).

Thermodynamics of Opioid Receptor Interactions (R. Raffa).

Thermodynamics of Serotonin Receptor Interactions (A. Dalpiaz, et al.).

Thermodynamics and Structural Basis of Insulin Receptor Interactions with Phosphotyrosine Binding Domains (A. Farooq & M. Zhou).

Thermodynamics of the Visual-pigment System (E. Ito & H. Suzuki).

Thermodynamics of Protein Modules Involved in Tyrosine Kinase Signaling Pathways (J. Bradshaw, et al.).

Thermodynamics of Antibody-Fc-receptor Interactions: IgE and FcRI, FCII (R. Ghirlando & H. Gould).

Metal Ion Binding to the Conantokins: Inhibitors of Ion Channel Opening of the NMDA Receptor (M. Prorok & F. Castellino).


Direct Method for the Determination of Thermodynamic Quantities (R. O'Brien, et al.).

Enthalpy--Entropy Compensation and Solvent Reorganization (E. Grunwald).

Basics of Correlations: Relevance to Enthalpy--Entropy Compensation (R. Raffa & R. Tallarida).

Thermodynamic Maps of Receptor--Ligand Pairs Reveal How Some Proteins Bind (C. Camacho, et al.).

Thermodynamic Distributions of Heterogeneous Receptor Populations (M. José & J. José).

Protein-Ligand Docking as an Energy Optimization Problem (M. Totrov & R. Abagyan).

Prediction of Ligand--Receptor Binding Thermodynamics by Free Energy Force Field (FEFF) 3D-QSAR Analysis (J. Tokarski).

Hydrophobic Mode-targeted, Algorithmically Designed Peptide Ligands as Modulators of Protein Thermodynamic Structure and Function (A. Mandell, et al.).

Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics and Kinetics of the Multidrug Transporter (S. Caplan & R. Johnstone).

Convergence of Recombinant Mutagenesis and Kinetics Interaction Analysis for Revealing Receptor Recognition Mechanisms and Designing Receptor Ligands (I. Chaiken, et al.).