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Drug Treatment in Dementia

Roy Jones

ISBN: 978-0-470-69874-7 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 144 Pages


This timely book reviews the current status of drug treatments in dementia, both in practice and in research. It commences with a brief overview of the dementia syndrome and provides guidance in making a diagnosis. It then focuses on treatment of the cognitive function, psychological and behavioural symptoms and co-existing diseases. Chapters devoted to measuring the effects and cost-effectiveness of anti-dementia drugs are included.



List of abbreviations.

1 The dementia syndrome.

2 Making the diagnosis.

3 Assessing the benefits of drug treatment in dementia.

4 Antidementia drugs.

5 Treatment of behavioural and psychological aspects of dementia.

6 Treatment of other medical problems in dementia.

7 General treatment considerations.

8 Cost-effectiveness considerations.

9 The future.


*Examines the role of anti-dementia drugs that are primarily directed towards improvements in memory and cognitive function
*Reviews the drug treatment of behavioural and psychological problems
*Considers such general treatment issues as when to start and when to stop anti-dementia drug therapy, the use of guidelines and treatment protocols, quality of life and ethical issues
*Discusses the future and the move from symptomatic therapy to disease modification