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Dryden on Counselling: Seminal Papers, Volume 1

Dryden on Counselling: Seminal Papers, Volume 1

Windy Dryden

ISBN: 978-1-870-33271-2

Aug 1991

160 pages

Select type: Paperback


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The best of Windy Dryden?s writings from the period 1980?1990. It will appeal to anyone with a theoretical or practical interest in counselling.

Chapter 1  Counselling arenas.

Chapter 2 Individual counselling.

Chapter 3 The therapeutic alliance as an integrating framework in individual counselling.

Chapter 4 Therepeutic alliances in couple counselling, I: Pre-counselling influences.

Chapter 5 Therapeutic alliances in couple counselling, II: Process issues.

Chapter 6 Eclectic approaches in individual counselling: Some pertinent issues.

Chapter 7 A model of counsellor decision-making in individual eclectic counselling.

Chapter 8 The therapeutic alliance in rational-emotive counselling.

Chapter 9 Chapter Rational-emotive counselling and eclecticism.

Chapter 10 Theoretically consistent eclecticism: Humanising a computer 'addict'.